Proof that International Adoptions Are Deeply Problematic

Here is all the proof you might have ever needed that the Russian Duma made the best decision ever when it adopted legislation prohibiting international adoptions of orphans:

I’ve always felt there was nothing worse than a parent having to bury their child. I don’t think that anymore. What I’m about to write might sound morbid. If you read to the end, you might understand why it’s not.

Frankly, I’d rather bury my child than leave her in “the home for invalids” where she currently resides.

This is an excerpt from a blog post titled “Death Would Be Better” of a very scary woman who will now be prevented (and thank God in heaven for that) from adopting a small girl from Russia. Her self-proclaimed position is that if little Polina can’t be her toy, then she should just die. This long and rambling post is filled with the most egregious idiocies you can imagine. But what really terrifies me is how many times the scary woman repeats the words “death would be better” when talking about the little girl. This religious fanatic thinks it is up to her to decide when people should die.

You have to agree that it is very disturbing when folks like these travel around the world shopping for kids whom they can’t even see as human. Imagine if the child doesn’t live up to the sicko’s expectations. She already thinks the girl should die if she can’t own her.

I feel too traumatized right now. My regular readers know how I feel about child abuse and can imagine how I react when I see people proclaim that a child should die.

To a Particularly Pathetic Loser

A disgusting vicious animal who dared take my name in vain and quote my blog on a forum for idiot losers like himself wrote the following piece of idiocy:

From rather basic logic, children are not as much people as are most adults simply due to the fact that adults have more complex cognition, introspection, and preferences. Why would any rational person think it right to involuntarily sacrifice the well being of an innocent adult for the sake of a child, especially when alternative methods exist?

I understand that this freakazoid was abused in childhood. However, this is not an excuse for being a piece of shit in perpetuity.

Stupid insect, since you read my blog I need to inform you of the following: you are worse than a cockroach. You don’t have “more complex cognition.” You have no cognition at all because you are congenitally brain-dead. Stop blabbing stupidly about rational persons. Not only are you not rational, you are not even a person. The reason why you are so lonely and pathetic is because every normal human being finds you disgusting and can’t stand your stench.

Your writing is also ridiculously bad.

Remember, people, no matter what kind of damage your irresponsible parents inflicted on you in childhood, the moment you hit adulthood, you become responsible for solving your own issues and not inflicting your psychological garbage on everybody else. Also, I don’t care what kind of stuff you publish elsewhere but the moment you take my name in vain you will know my wrath.

What Awaits Me



And this:

And this:

is where I’m traveling tomorrow. Weather Canada is predicting up to 40 cms (16 inches) of snow accumulating today. I can’t believe I will finally see snow. I think I will cry. N. will cry, too, but not for joy. He has a very low tolerance for the cold which is very weird for a Russian person.

Idiots Abound

I wonder how somebody so irredeemably stupid got on my blogroll:

President of the Russian Federation Vladimir V. Putin was, along with Premier Nikita S. Khrushchev, one of the great leaders of the 20th Century. Khrushchev exhibited enormous physical and moral courage in initiating his country’s long, slow, very painful recovery from Stalinism. Putin took control of Russia when President Boris N. Yeltsin’s policies had brought it to the brink of an abyss such as America has not looked into since the aftermath of our Civil War. He has managed to more-or-less end a simmering war in Chechnya and stabilize his country.

Putin became President of Russia in year 2000, yet the author of this garbage article somehow transforms him into a XXth century leader. The physical courage of Khrushchev and the comparison of the American Civil war to Yeltsin’s reforms are also very bizarre.

The rest of the article is as bad as its beginning. I wonder how far into one’s ass one has to reach to bring something so idiotic out of it.