Idiots Abound

I wonder how somebody so irredeemably stupid got on my blogroll:

President of the Russian Federation Vladimir V. Putin was, along with Premier Nikita S. Khrushchev, one of the great leaders of the 20th Century. Khrushchev exhibited enormous physical and moral courage in initiating his country’s long, slow, very painful recovery from Stalinism. Putin took control of Russia when President Boris N. Yeltsin’s policies had brought it to the brink of an abyss such as America has not looked into since the aftermath of our Civil War. He has managed to more-or-less end a simmering war in Chechnya and stabilize his country.

Putin became President of Russia in year 2000, yet the author of this garbage article somehow transforms him into a XXth century leader. The physical courage of Khrushchev and the comparison of the American Civil war to Yeltsin’s reforms are also very bizarre.

The rest of the article is as bad as its beginning. I wonder how far into one’s ass one has to reach to bring something so idiotic out of it.

6 thoughts on “Idiots Abound”

  1. Technically, the year 2000 was in the twentieth century, and the twenty-first century started in 2001. This is a problem created by the fact that there was no year 0, so for the first century to have been 100 years, it had to have lasted from the year 1 to the last day of the year 100. So, technically, they’re right – Putin is a twentieth century leader. Barely. 😛

    Sorry to revive a dead post, but I can never pass down an opportunity to be pedantic. 😛 Though it’s definitely annoying to see people cast Khrushchev as a hero.


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