Sunday Link Encyclopedia and Self-Promotion

This is the last link encyclopedia of 2012. Enjoy!

I’m reminded of that when I hear natural childbirth advocates crowing about their “achievement” and insisting that everyone in the world is either impressed with them or incredulous and dismissive about their choice. They are so desperate for attention, positive or negative, and so relentlessly self-referential, that they cannot see what is right in front of their faces: no one cares whether anyone else had an unmedicated birth.” Leaving aside the issues of unmedicated birth, I wanted to draw everybody’s attention to the underlined words because they contain an important insight. People obsess so much over what others would think of them and forget that most folks pay very little attention to anybody but themselves. So if you feel that everybody is watching you and criticizing you, that’s all your own projection.”

The tragic and unhealthy reality of ultra-religious, traditional families.

A botanist discusses the really green way to have a Christmas tree.

Dozens of progressive Egyptian women cut their hair in Tahrir Square on Tuesday to protest the passage of Egypt’s new, fundamentalist constitution.” Any women’s rights movement only gets a hope of being successful where it stops using self-mutilation – even the symbolic kind – to achieve its goals.

Idle No More” and what it means for Canada. Fascinating post, folks, I highly recommend.

And here is another great post on Idle No More.

Do people get discriminated during job searches because of names that sound foreign?

““One of the party’s biggest challenges going forward is the perception that Republicans don’t care about people, about minorities, about gays, about poor people,” Fleischer said. “President Bush regularly made a push to send welcoming messages, and one of the lessons of 2012 is that we have to demonstrate that we are an inclusive party.”” Welcoming messages?? Does anybody know why this obviously unhealthy Fleischer individual is not receiving urgent psychiatric care right now?

Feminism is not and must not be simply a women’s movement. Instead, it’s a movement dedicated to destroying patriarchy, including both the aspects that benefit men and the aspects that benefit women. And so this afternoon, as I shoveled a driveway alongside my husband’s relatives, I saw the work as just one more step toward truly dismantling patriarchy in all of its forms.” I love this blogger but she makes the mistake of believing that everybody suffers when their right to make decisions for themselves is taken away. Tragically, that’s nothing but a projection. Many people go to enormous lengths to achieve what to her (and me, of course) looks like suffering.

Why agricultural subsidies should go.

Why a job recruiter finds extreme weather conditions to be very helpful in her work.

A very good post: “Objectification means treating people like things. Self-objectification, therefore, means treating yourself like a thing. The first example I can think of is actually not sexual, which makes me happy, because I am the one-person Objectification Means More Than Sexual Objectification brigade. I think everyone’s had a time when they feel like they ought to work on this project– whether it’s keeping the house clean, writing a book, working on their thesis, or whatever– but they can’t. Maybe their mom just died. Maybe they have Spoons Issues. Maybe they’re stressed about an upcoming layoff at work. It happens. And yet I always get pissed at myself when this happens. I’m supposed to be a robot, dammit! I’m supposed to produce results regardless of any silly ‘things’ that are happening in my ‘life.’ So I end up on Tumblr for six hours straight being angry at myself for not working instead of doing the self-care things that will actually put me in a better state to work.”

A beautiful icy flower.

It seems to me that so long as one is running away from what one actually feels, which is the ‘masculinist’ answer to the question of cultural narcissism, one is still doing nothing for oneself in any way that matters. You will still end up with a hollow core, despite all your busy activity in a realm of reality that necessitates a purely instrumental consciousness. Your narcissistic core remains because you haven’t attended to your true self, but have run away from it into being busy and occupying yourself with activity. In particular, your hatred for the humanities and for what they represent to you — “feeling” — will make you hollow.”

And the post of the week: “Those who don’t know themselves easily get roped in to conform to others’ definitions of them.   That’s because their egos are needy; hungry.  Some people even rope themselves in by reading themselves into texts that do not address them personally and are hence not directly related to them.  The desire to see oneself reflected in the mirror of the ‘other’ can be very strong. But, whilst it seems to offer some benefits to one’s ego, placing one’s ego in relationship to another also makes one at the mercy of their appetites and desires.”