My Trip to Montreal in Pictures, Part II

No, this is not the same photo as in the previous post. If you look closely, you will see that they are different.

Stogies Portrait


We stayed hungry all day long on December 31 to prepare ourselves for a magnificent feast at my parents’ place. See photos of how Ukrainians celebrate the biggest holiday of the year under the fold.

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My Trip to Montreal in Pictures, Part I

I understand that most people resent being forced to look at other people’s photos, so I’m putting the bulk of this post under the fold. Only go there if you are ready to see many photos of Montreal, food, my mother’s religious imagery collection, and me enjoying the snow.

I have noticed that I tend to post only those photos of myself where I look weird. Here is finally a photo where I’m neither exhausted, sick, sleepy, or angry. It was taken on December 31 in my favorite Montreal cigar bar where I took N. in preparation for the New Year;s festivities.

Stogies Portrait 2

I really like this self-portrait because at least I’m kind of smiling here. As promised, the rest of the photos are under the fold.

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Obama’s Vacation

I find the news that President Obama went to Hawaii for a vacation the moment after the fiscal bill was signed very disappointing. While the victims of Hurricane Sandy are still suffering, I don’t think he deserves a beach party. And what is the urgency to take vacations? His term will end in 4 years, and for the rest of his life he won’t have that much to do.

At least, Boehner will stop being the Speaker, so there is some good news in all of this.