My Favorite Shrimp Salad


Ingredients: – shrimp, tomatoes, radishes, scallions, cucumbers, pine nuts, cilantro, sweet red peppers. Dressing: – blood orange olive oil, grapefruit balsamic vinegar, lemon juice, garlic, caraway seeds, a little dried basil, pepper, black Hawaiian sea salt. If there is no time to mix a dressing, it is always best to use olive oil and nothing else. Horrible store-bought dressings can destroy any salad.

This Is Why I Love Student Evals, Part II

And this is from my Hispanic Civ course (where I routinely give out very low grades):

Clarissa was amazing!  She is very clear in her teaching & is always objective.  I also highly valued the personal knowledge/experiences she brought to the course.  She made me understand the impact of Spanish/Latin American culture & how it related to me.

Explained it in a way that made it more interesting and easy to understand.  Her personal stories made it feel more real.

She was always excited and enthusiastic about the material.  She had a deep understanding of all material.  She is a very helpful, friendly, and funny person.  I very much enjoyed this class and mostly because of Professor’s methods and attitude.

She’s extremely knowledgeable about the subjects.  She is also very organized, easy to talk to, and explains things well.  I absolutely loved this class and her.

She was very knowledgeable and passionate about the topics.

She was very knowledgeable about the material.

Clarissa was open to questions and responded in a helpful way.

I liked the videos on the blog, it helped me understand the material much more than the book.

Professor does a great job of conveying the information, and she is always very responsive.

Extremely knowledgeable about everything she taught.

The instructor knew her subject material very well.  She provided very good explanations for the current state of affairs to Latin American countries.  The course is very well put together and well run.

The instructor was immensely knowledgeable about Spanish-speaking cultures and their many facets.

She explained all material very clearly.  All lectures (online & in person) were fun and made me want to learn the material.  Even the assignments involving poetry were educational & helped with my overall understanding of the course objectives.  Professor Clarissa is one of the best teachers I’ve had at this university.

She was extremely knowledgeable on the topics & could teach largely from her own experiences.

Clarissa gives all Latin American countries descriptions very well.  Her understanding of the countries & the cultures made it easier to learn.

The course’s main strength was its discussion oriented style, and the instructor was very attached to the subject-matter.

She knew and loved the material.  I gained insight into what the issues [sic] are facing Latin American countries, Spain.  Excellent teacher.

And my favorite:

I loved how Clarissa wove all the information from very early Spain to present day Americas to create an overall understanding of Latin America.  I really enjoyed the learning experience of this class because the information presented was so well put together.  The whole class, online material & in class lectures, was like one long, very interesting conversation.

Aaahh! Also note the number of times the word “knowledgeable” was used. Once again, I’m not editing these statements or picking out the best ones. These are the comments I got in their entirety.

I will not post the evals from my most successful section because I’m a little embarrassed by the outpouring of student love for me in them.

You have to agree that somebody made a brilliant hiring decision when she decided to hire me. Have you noticed that there is not a single even remotely negative evaluation? It is like this every single semester.

I’m good.

Let me go and bask in professional contentment now.

This Is Why I Love Student Evals, Part I

And now let me bore you with my student evaluations. It only happens twice a year, so I feel entitled to some self-aggrandizement.

These are from the section that I kept complaining about:

Her extensive knowledge helped us understand difficult subjects.

Knew what she taught, was very thorough on how she wanted things to be done so no confusion.

Clarissa teaches w/ a lot of enthusiasm and understands the material she taught us very well.

She knew the material, has a friendly demeanor, grades fair.

She’s very friendly and approachable and did her best to ensure we understood the material.

She knew the material well and was very helpful in learning to understand the material.

She is very helpful & speaks at a speed that I can understand.  I liked the variety of lecture, group work, & movies that were used.  It’s nice to not have only lecture every day.  Overall I like this course & I believe she is a great professor.

The teacher had a good understanding of the life, culture, and other issues in Spain.

I learned about the culture of Spain and the instructor was great about helping outside the class.

Very knowledgeable.  -Very understanding.  -Answered questions thoroughly.  -Course well organized and clear syllabus.

Professor made the course interesting and memorable.  She did not provide an overload of information and because of this, I learned a lot from her.  The book was not very effective and bored me to death, but Clarissa’s handouts and stories were fantastic.

The instructor is always pleasant, cheerful, and explains things well and multiple times; I can tell she wants us to do well in the course.

And the best one:

She is SO fun, outgoing, & understanding.  All of us really felt she wanted the best for us.  She never yelled or got mad.  She was always helping & nice.

Yeah, I never yelled. Was that a possibility, I now wonder?

Once again, these are the evaluations from my worst section last semester. I didn’t pre-select them in any way but just copy-pasted them from the file I was given (removing my real name, of course).