People Versus Their Writing

I just spoke to somebody on Skype whom I only knew through blogging and I have to say: you can never really have a good understanding of a person based only on reading their texts. Even if you read tons of their texts. People are not their writing. They are a lot more.

This is why if you meet somebody at an online dating site, the best thing to do is not to drag it out trying to “get to know each other” but just to schedule a real date immediately.

P.S. It was great meeting you, dear Z. 🙂

Wednesday Link Encyclopedia and Self-Promotion

A couple of very hilarious woman-haters throw a tantrum.

A very short illustration of how people who are completely incapable of self-analysis project their issues on “the world.” The most hilarious thing is that the short post’s author is so oblivious that s/he calls the post “Internalization” without even beginning to notice that it is a perfect example of exteriorization.

Remembering the Holocaust.

A list of some delicious things: . . . The high after a migraine attack.” I always knew that migraines are completely psychosomatic and bring huge benefits to people who auto-generate them. Here is proof!

A very good, insightful post on leaving an abusive relationship.

A person with an extensive weapons training explains why arming teachers is a horrible idea.

Several stories demonstrating that the immature gun-obsessed idiots are a danger to everybody.

The stories teachers exchange these days reveal a whole new level of overprotectiveness: parents who raise their children in a state of helplessness and powerlessness, children destined to an anxious adulthood, lacking the emotional resources they will need to cope with inevitable setback and failure.” The article’s author is woefully ignorant about child development but at least she is trying to say something important.

Is Egypt on the verge of a civil war?

Another post on the subject of Egypt. I’m biting my tongue not to say, “I told you so.” OK, I said it.

A very insightful post on what makes people prize their own virginity. Short answer: immaturity and stupidity. I always wondered what makes people think that not knowing how to perform in a vital area of life is somehow a positive thing. Now I have the answer. I remember this guy who tried to make a “gift” of his virginity to me. Obviously, I ran away faster than I would have if he had an STD. [For the dense among us, it is the presentation of virginity as “gift” that chased me away.]

This is what happens when you worship and essentialize ethnicity: the case of Israel.

A person writes a rant on how tragic the lives of professors are and never stops to think that the problem why she is so miserable as a college prof is that she writes things like “I can’t in good conscious” and “Now, having said this, she (thankfully) also seems to be well-liked by her classmates. I say thankfully because I was (at worst) bullied and (at best) ostracized throughout elementary school.”

One man’s story of how he chose to be heterosexual.

And the post of the week: a beautiful collection of evo-psycho myths.

“Extremely High Sexual Interest”

Many stupid things get written about sexuality. Here is one:

So, among the small number of people who have extremely high sexual interest, the overwhelming majority are male. Among the small number of people with extremely low interest, the overwhelming majority are women.

Apparently, this blogger has never met any women in their 40s and 50s. Because then she wouldn’t be publishing stupid things. Men are the overwhelming majority of people with extremely high sexual interest between the ages of 15 and 25. But that is not the only age group in existence.

At the population level, men, on average, have a higher interest in sex than women. At the same time, women, as a population are more variable than men are.

Erm, which population, lady? That of the planet? Seriously? Or just your own tiny Puritanical village? Because I can point you to one huge population where the case is the exact opposite. Actually, two huge populations. Or three.