I’m So Ukrainian. . .

. . . that when I feel like eating pizza, I boil some potatoes to accompany it.

Study Abroad Anecdote

Since the discussion of Study Abroad programs has proven to be so popular, here is a story a student shared today after returning from a trip to Central America.

“There is so much sexism! I never imagined anything of the kind! The professor told us that we should never express any opinions or any criticisms when men were around and that we should never interrupt men when they are speaking. Even when what they say is total BS! So once we went on a field trip and the driver had no idea where he was driving. I tried to tell him he had taken the wrong turn  but the professor told me to be quiet. She just sat there while he drove around aimlessly, completely lost, for four hours! And do you know what the worst part is?”

“What?” I asked.

“She is a COLLEGE PROFESSOR [said with profound veneration]! And he is just a driver [said with profound contempt]! A PROFESSOR. Afraid to tell a bus driver what to do because he is a man!”

Helicopter Teachers

We just spent over an hour discussing whether we should award free 8 credits to students who claim to have taken Spanish (French, German, etc.) somewhere sometime but refuse to prove their competency by passing a short free proficiency test. Because they claim to have forgotten Spanish (French, German, etc.) completely but still want the free credit. For forgetting the language completely. Got it?

Some people suggested that students should be required to take the proficiency test or take a hike if they refuse.

Other people countered with, “But poor little kiddies, they will suffer so much, this is an unfair burden.”

And now I will let you guess which of the two groups was constituted by foreigners and which by Americans.

Would You Allow Students to Quote Kindle Editions. . .

. . . in short 150-word assignments? Or do you insist on a regular, MLA (APA, whatever)-style bibliography even for very short pieces that students hand in?

P.S. When will the Kindle finally do what Nook does and offer actual page numbers that correspond to print editions of the books? They do that and they kick the Nook off the market completely.

Throw the Book at Him!

We just got an email from campus security telling us that in case an “active shooter” enters the classroom, we should “turn the element of surprise back on him” by throwing books and desks at him.

I’m now wondering how an active shooter differs from a passive one and what we should throw at the latter in order to surprise him.