Saturday Link Encyclopedia and Self-Promotion

I hate Citizens United, but here is a post where a Liberal makes a very interesting case in defense of it. Tell me what you think if the issue interests you.

Generational Theft: what is it and does it exist? I see everything that is based on the word “generational” or the idea of a conflict between generations to be suspect but many people seem to find the concept appealing. What interests me in the whole thing is why the Boomers embrace this idea so passionately.

Obama’s pre-K plan: “Also expanding Nurse Family Partnerships, a program that has also earned top marks in randomized trials, and which provides regular home visits from nurses to families from pregnancy through the child’s second birthday, intended to promote good health and parenting practices.” What I’m getting from the language is that this doesn’t exist or isn’t ubiquitous yet. Is that true? Does anybody know?

NOTHING is like slavery except slavery. Slavery, particularly the American enslavement of Africans in the pre-Civil War era, is uniquely evil. Treating people like property, stealing the work of their hands, tearing families apart: there is no parallel in human existence. To compare anything to slavery is to mitigate the evil of slavery. It is deeply insensitive at best and racist at worst.” I couldn’t agree more.

Of course one worker families with children have a hard time managing for different reasons. But the lack of affordable childcare, school hours/days which don’t match work times, ratcheted up expectations about 24/7 helicopter parenting…” Ratcheted up by whom? Have we gotten to the point where helicoptering parents only helicopter because they are some evil entity’s victim and not because they enjoy victimizing their children? Jeez. . .

So you can get sued for saying that a press is nothing but a vanity press? Seriously?

I read these posts from a person who claims to be a sex educator because there is no comedy show that can provide more laughs per second. The blogger must be faking this because it is not possible that an adult person with at least a primary school education could be so egregiously ignorant about. . . well, everything.

One of the American cultural traditions that I find extremely creepy: “Last night was the town Daddy-Daughter dance, so I took The Girl.  We both dressed up — I even bought her a wrist corsage, the first time I’ve bought one of those since the Reagan administration — and we went to a local country club for the annual event.” Just the idea of a father referring to his daughter as “The Girl” is already very disturbing. And before anybody starts to yak, I defy you to prove that you have seen a better relationship between a father and an adult daughter than the one I have with my father. So these vaguely incestuous creep-fests are in no way necessary for healthy relationships.

Hugo Schwyzer writes yet another post promoting the lifestyle of people who force themselves to remain faithful and use others as props to make this fake and painful loyalty possible. If my husband wrote this kind of desperate post, I’d just stop torturing the poor guy and move the hell out. But I vaguely remember Schwyzer writing about the wife’s numerous relatives that he supports, so here is the answer to the mystery of why some women are perfectly fine with letting their husbands torture themselves with forced chastity.

1/3 Done!

One third of my new article is already done. It seems like it’s getting written very fast but the reason is that I have done so much research and preparation that now it practically writes itself.

The original plan was to submit it before April 15 but now it seems like I might do it two weeks ahead of schedule. If I submit one article before the end of the spring semester and then one more before August 1, I will be doing very well for the year. Then, the Fall can be spent in introducing changes if journals request them.

I have no idea why it took me so long to realize that it is crucial to have this kind of a plan in order to avoid flailing around like a fish in a toilet tank.