The Answer to the Sock Riddle

In this post, people came up with creative and fun scenarios where the phrase “I don’t need to touch your socks. I believe you” could have been pronounced. The readers of my blog are so creative and have such rich imaginations that I’m not sure the reality can live up to the products of their creativity. Still, here is what happened.

Latin American people have a weird relationship with snow. And when I say weird, I mean extremely bizarre. Back in grad school, I had a colleague from Chile who would wear flip-flops over bare feet to trudge in 16 inches of snow, all the while complaining loudly about the discomfort.

The Chair of my department is from Brazil. His winter footwear looks like this:

After the recent snowstorm, the Chair arrived at the department wearing his favorite footwear and telling us how it took him 40 minutes to dig his car from under the snow.

“What were you thinking?” the secretary exclaimed. “Your feet are sopping wet! You can’t spend all day like this, you’ll get sick.”

“Oh no,” the Chair said and lifted his foot to the secretary’s desk. “You can touch them, they are not wet.”

In the meanwhile, the professors who were present were weeping with laughter. The secretary’s horrified look made things even funnier.

Sunday Link Encyclopedia and Self-Promotion

Research demonstrates that the rates at which people consume anti-depressants and anti-psychotics do not depend on the actual incidence of these disorders. Rather, they have to do with the intensity of marketing efforts.

I’ll take my quiet, wonderful life with time for what I want to do, not the one worrying about external expectations and my status or not as a star in some field or other that in reality few others care or know about.” Hear, hear!

A great article on disability and online dating by somebody we all know and love. Yes, I’m being mysterious on purpose because I want everybody to click on the article to promote it. (I’m not the author, in case you are wondering.)

The stupidest metaphor of all times. It has a personal significance to me because I once had to dump a person I was dating for advancing this metaphor in my presence. Read the post and you will agree that somebody who thinks this metaphor is valuable is not dateable.

What is it with this weird American tradition of pushing spouses, actors, and other completely unqualified people into political positions of great responsibility? More importantly, what possesses citizens to vote for such candidates? If the Kentucky Democrats can’t find an actual alternative even for somebody so horrible as Mitch McConnell and have to bring in some dime-a-dozen starlet for the job, I feel hopeless about the future of the US progressivism. And before you begin to argue that actors make great politicians, I have 2 words for you: Reagan and Schwarzenegger. And before you start telling what a great progressive icon Judd is, see here and here.

Solar energy will save Taj Mahal. And I’m sure one day it will save us all.

It is high-time that Christianity be reclaimed from the crazies who now call themselves Christians: “Jesus’ command to love others led me to feminism. Feminism is all about equality and justice for groups that have been oppressed. I seem to recall the bible supporting this idea too. So I am a feminist BECAUSE I am following Jesus. And I support marriage equality BECAUSE I am following Jesus.

A really amazing post: “What is it about adulthood that suddenly grants the right of personhood, that children are lacking?  If anything, the very vulnerability of childhood should mean that children that society should be going to even greater lengths to protect them, rather than institutionalizing violence against them. The bottom line is the very vulnerability of children is what makes it acceptable to be physically violent towards them. Children cannot vote, they don’t work or earn their own money and are absolutely dependent upon the benevolence of adults to survive.  In every aspect that you can think of, children are understood to be second class citizens.”

This completely ridiculous post argues that men should deprive themselves of sex in order to become “human again.” Seriously, I’m not kidding, you can go see for yourself. The only question I have is how a blog written by a completely unhinged freakazoid got onto my blog roll.

And the post of the week which is absolutely, completely and totally brilliant is: Attachment parenting as a new form of feminine mystique. I’m a passionate fan of Betty Firedan and do not like seeing her name being taken in vain. But in this post, the use of Friedan’s work is brilliant and completely to the point. OK, I need to use the word brilliant again: this post is brilliant, people!