Chavez’s Funeral

From a Spanish newspaper:

“It’s disturbing that the Prince of Asturias should be present at Hugo Chavez’s funeral. With the kind of people who are going to be there (Raul Castro, Ahmadinejad, etc.), the Prince is likely to find himself missing both his wallet and his watch by the end of the ceremony.”

Born to Teach

“Ah, I can see you are a teacher,” the Tarot reader said the moment she saw my cards. “I won’t even ask you if you are. It is too obvious that you were born to teach.”

Of course, I also have a loud voice and a teacherly manner, so this could have been a very easy guess.

My sister’s Tarot reader told her that she is a good, kind person. Mine, on the other hand, only told me I’m very self-assured.

“And you communicate really well with the public,” she added. “You have an audience. I’m not sure what it means but I’m seeing here that you have an audience that you address on a regular basis. Readers, listeners, I don’t know.”

Old Age?

There is an esoteric fair going on at Madrid’s Atocha station, so I decided to get a Tarot reading. Not that I believe in these things but they can be entertaining.

When the Tarot reader asked me what I would like to know about first, love, career, family, health, or money, I immediately said, “Health!”

Now I’m wondering whether being the kind of person who feels that love, family and career issues have already been resolved in her life and only wonders about health makes me old.