Consumerist Fasting

A very strict fast that will last for 42 days has begun for members of the Russian Orthodox Church.

Of course, the fast was created before the times of consumerism and now the religion has to adapt. A priest spoke on television yesterday, expalining to people that the fast was supposed to get people to moderate their gluttony for a while and concentrate on their spiritual life. It was not meant to get people to stuff their faces at expensive, fashionable vegan and microbiotic restaurants.

My sister’s Birthday is today (Happy Birthday!!!!!) and she is taking our parents to just such a trendy vegan place because they are fasting.

I think in a few years I will start observing this fast, too. Not for religious reasons but because it is really good for one’s health and imagination.

What the World Should Look Like


I know everybody is sick to death of these photos of snow but I promise that in return for your putting up with them I will not post any baby photos and – even more importantly – any photos of my belly. People who do that to strangers are almost as bad as those who try to badger others into talking to their pregnant bellies.

Scary Phishers

Phishers have been trying hard to break into the faculty email accounts. I always know a phishing email when I see one but this one is still scary:

Dear Student/Staff  WebMail User,

 We detected a login attempt with valid password to your university WebMail account from an unrecognized device on Mon, Mar 25, 2013 3:19 AM HST.

 Location: Ukraine (IP=

 Note: The location is based on information from your Internet service or wireless carrier provider.      Was this you? If so, you can disregard the rest of this email.

How did they know to use Ukraine in my case? I don’t have a Ukrainian last name. Or do you think this is a coincidence?

The IP is from Odessa, one Ukrainian city I really detest. (After St. Petersburg, it has the most uncouth, rude and unpleasant people in the entire FSU).

British Garbage Collection

One really mystifying question is why Britain is so welcoming to all of these bandits who escape from Russia in order to avoid responsibility for their crimes. There are now crowds of them polluting the shores of the Thames. Is the country so broke that it can’t do without the money these criminals pay for their British visas and citizenships?

Britain has always had the most bizarre immigration policies I’ve ever seen. Productive, law-abiding, English-speaking people like me are not needed while this corrupt human detritus is encouraged to continue its life of crime in the UK. I hope nobody is dense enough to believe that these folks begin to respect the law once they land in the UK.