Painful to See

Where are the social services? WTF?

child abuse


I completely agree with the blogger on whose site I found this:

There are people in the world who simply should NOT procreate.

Why do people choose to have several children when they hate them so much? I mean, you try once, you discover that you hate the kid, maybe that’s a clue to stop? And give the one you already have but detest up for adoption.

Stupid animals.

What normal people should do when meeting such freaks is approach them and tell them that they are disgusting, vicious freaks. Of course, the experience wouldn’t even begin to compare with what the child feels when his own parents betray him in this way, but it would be something.  If we collectively spat on child abusers, this would not be happening. The abusers obviously believe that the public will side with them in their bullying of a small kid.


I think universities that hire people with PhDs to be adjuncts are stupid. Adjunct positions should be for those who have MAs. Anything else is exploitative and offensive to everybody. How do you even justify having at the same department people with the same qualifications but in wildly different positions? This is just ridiculous.

And the environment this creates must be absolutely horrible. How could I, for instance, come to the department and see a colleague who works in really miserable conditions while being in no way different from me? I would feel so much shame that I would hardly be able to work. It’s like a caste system that is absolutely unreasonable and offensive to human dignity.

We don’t have this idiotic practice where I work, fortunately. And if somebody tries to bring it to our department, we need to resist with all we have.

Divorced Parents

So I’m reading a novel titled A Half Forgotten Song by a British author. In the very first pages of the novel,  a divorced woman decides to move to the US to be with her new husband. She takes her 6-year-old daughter with her even though the girl’s father strenuously objects. I find this very confusing because in my country a divorced parent cannot take a child to another country for a 3-day-long trip, let alone to live permanently, without a signed permission from the other parent. Which, of course, is the only civilized way of handling such issues.

My question is: does this issue really work this way in English-speaking countries? OK, the US hasn’t signed the Declaration of the Rights of Children. Kids are considered furniture that can be moved around as much as the owner sees fit. But what about other countries? Is this legal or is the writer I’m reading simply trying to create hype where none is necessary?