Clarissa’s Summer Salmon Casserole

A while ago, I posted a link to the recipe that inspired this dish but I changed it so much that it has become a completely different casserole. It is so delicious that since the first time I made it, I’ve been dreaming about it every night.

photo (9)

It has a very light, citrusy taste that is perfect for the summer.

Here is what you will need:

  1. A couple of onions if you are a normal person or a couple of potatoes if you are weird like me.
  2. A head of Boston lettuce.
  3. Some fresh herbs.
  4. A salmon fillet, skin removed.
  5. A couple of oranges.
  6. A couple of tomatoes.
  7. A couple of bottles of your favorite beer.

Step-by-step directions are under the fold.

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Stupid Lorac

Stupid Lorac destroyed the best product they ever had and substituted it with a completely meaningless alternative. They used to have these really great eye makeup kits that contained everything you needed to create different versions of eye makeup routine.

So now they got rid of half of the ingredients in the kit and substituted it with a useless blush and an ugly lip gloss. So instead of a product that allowed you to create a complete eye routine, you have a product that doesn’t allow you to create a complete anything.

This is the biggest makeup fail since Lancome stupidly discontinued its amazingly beautiful aquamarine eye pencil back in 2003.

Good Writers in Demand

Initially, companies hired social media specialists to promote their brand name by any means necessary. The specialist was required to get the brand mentioned online in any context whatsoever as many times as possible.

As social media gained in importance, however, the approach to the kind of specialists who were hired changed. Quality became more important than quantity. Today, companies insist that they only want people who can write well. A candidate is required to provide a portfolio with his or her best pieces for the potential employer to analyze.

I will be mentioning this to students who whine that I make them write too much. Writing is the least developed of their skills. And it will become one of the most marketable skills in the nearest future. Universities need to study these trends and respond to them.

As things stand right now, people don’t want to teach students how to write well because it is too much of a hassle. For instance, a colleague recently sent out a flyer in an English lit course where he promised that students would not have to write more than two 2-page essays in the entire semester. This was supposed to be the course’s selling point].