A Good Choice

A colleague invites me to her daughter’s baby shower and showed me around her big, beautiful house.

“This is what happens when you decide to become a lawyer,” my colleague said philosophically. “And to think the kid wanted to be a social worker. Imagine the dump where she’d be living now!”

DOMA Is Dead and I Missed the Funeral!

I’ve been so busy recently that I forgot to follow the news. As a result, I missed the best, most crucial development in a while. The barbaric DOMA is dead, isn’t it? This is absolutely phenomenal.

If the Supreme Court justices, who are neither very young nor very likely to welcome change and progress (with the exception of RBG), manage to realize that DOMA is a barbarity that should be done with once and for all, this is a great sign. Coupled with the news about activists in Texas, of all the scary places, rising against the attempts to defeat the gains of civilization, this news makes the future look very bright.

This is an enormous win for civilization and a death blow to barbarity. Let’s celebrate!