Life’s Basic Unfairness

Have you noticed how obnoxiously easy it is for men to lose weight? As opposed to wen, I mean.

N has decided to lose weight. So we started taking longer walks than usual. A week later he discovered he’d lost 4 pounds.

If I wanted to lose 4 pounds, I’d have to sweat and starve myself for a lot longer than a week. And he just goes and does it. This is simply unfair.

Sunday Link Encyclopedia and Self-Promotion

You gotta love Americans. Here is one complaining that because of bad, mean capitalism s/he has few food choices. When I read this kind of crap from spoiled over-fed drama queens, I always remember my childhood when I only saw cheese once a year and our mothers had to invest hundreds of hours into hunting after a sad can of peas. One has be really blind to what alternatives to capitalism look like to have the gall to whine about pizza with a wrong crust.

Russia: as homophobic as ever.

It’s completely ridiculous that the Trayvon Martin case is confusing people so much. An unhinged hysteric shot a person. Who cares what anybody called anybody else or what the victim’s friend looks like? We should all stop being so kind and understanding towards hysterics.

Dealing with fire drills while autistic.

Let’s prevent the government in Ohio from using Big Brother strategies to police doctors and patients.

How Egypt’s revolution was predicted.

No matter how hard and dull you find an activity, unless you can be fired from doing it or suffer repercussions for lousy performance, this activity is not a job. This is why a post that repeats ad nauseam that “parenting is a job” deserves the title of the most stupid post of the week.

Please, please beware of online diploma mills. Forget about all these stinky Phoenixes and DeVrys and go to a real university.

One more amongst the many egregiously offensive uses of the word “rape.”

A goose with mulberry sauce. Is this delicious or what?

Just one among the multitude of examples demonstrating that MOOCs are stupid and a total waste of time. Stop looking for an easy way out, people. Real learning takes real time and real effort.

Have monogamy and devotion become a symbol of success?