Why Did the CIA Bait Morales?

CIA’s efforts to get Evo Morales as annoyed as possible seemed very weird in their sheer aimlessness. There was absolutely no chance that Snowden was jet-setting around Europe by Morales’s side, so why was there such a rush to antagonize the Bolivian president? May antagonizing him have been the goal of the CIA?

Evo Morales, the president of Bolivia, on Saturday said that he would offer Edward Snowden asylum if asked. He joins the presidents of Venezuela and Nicaragua in that offer.

Morales said that he made the decision as a just protest against his own treatment last week, when his jet was denied overflight rights in France, Spain, Portugal and Italy as he returned from energy discussions in Moscow. He was forced to divert to Vienna, and says the Spanish ambassador to Austria demanded to search his plane. . .

The US intelligence bright idea of telling Western European allies that Snowden was on the Bolivian jet has therefore backfired.

Or did it? Maybe this was the plan all along. The longer Snowden sits in Sheremetievo making news, the more embarrassing the whole thing gets for Obama. Getting Snowden to move from Russia to a small, internationally insignificant and non-threatening Bolivia would make the situation somewhat better for the US President.

I freely confess, however, that my analysis is heavily influenced by my need to see the US’s actions in this case as less stupid than they seem to be. I’d accept pretty much any conspiracy theory rather than believe that this presidency is as impotent and useless as it looks in the Snowden affair.

Another International Adoption Scandal

Remember how we talked about international adoptions? And you didn’t believe me when I said that it is highly suspicious when people don’t adopt children who share their culture and their language and, instead, choose to spend enormous amounts of money to remove kids from their cultural and linguistic environments? More often than not, such adopters prefer to adopt internationally because nobody keeps track of what they do to the adopted children:

WASHINGTON, July 1 (RIA Novosti) – The first of four suspects in a child sex abuse ring that spanned three continents has been sentenced to 40 years in prison in the United States for sexually abusing a young boy who was reportedly purchased from his birth mother in Russia.

Children are people, not goods or possessions. A wealthy person’s need to own one should never matter more than a child’s right not to be bought like a puppy.

Sunday Link Encyclopedia and Self-Promotion

Talking about Canada to a Norwegian friend convinces a Canadian that there is no reason to celebrate Canada Day this year.

Blogs are dead. Or everything’s a blog. I always forget which. Anyway, one super fun thing about doing this is that people always talk to me about it as if it’s some sort of dying passing fad. And maybe it is, but they’ve been talking to me about it like that since, you know, 2004.” Exactly.

Is job recruitment stuck with outdated ways of thinking?

It is very curious to see Liberals who are so incapable of being critical towards Obama that they justify his spying on citizens.

Two vicious freaks murder a child but fetus worshippers have no word of condemnation for them. The killers get off with risible sentences.

Let’s take Austria’s hijacking of the Bolivian President very seriously.

Couldn’t agree more: “Anyone who thinks ubiquitous surveillance does anything at all to keep us safe is a pure damn idiot. All it does is generate massive amounts of useless data, millions of false positives, and diverts attention from real law enforcement and investigations.”

A brilliant post on the brainlessness of fetus-whisperers.

I will never understand why Libby Anne dedicates so much effort to debunking the beliefs of religious fanatics. They should believe whatever the hell they please as long as they keep it to themselves and don’t try to force their convictions on everybody else.