Breaking Bad Finale

I’m not watching Breaking Bad because bad boy fantasies bore me but I wish an enjoyable finale to everybody who is watching. May the protagonist be killed by whomever you want to kill him or by all of the possible candidates at the same time. (I’ve gathered that this is the main issue of the finale from the endless articles I’ve seen on the subject.)

5 thoughts on “Breaking Bad Finale

    1. Yes, I hear it is the most popular TV show these days. It’s about a guy who didn’t have health insurance, so he started cooking and selling meth to pay his medical bills. I haven’t seen a single episode. All I know about it comes from people’s blog posts.


  1. I saw one article by a guy whose big Breaking Bad theory was yellow = death. Every time yellow appeared in a scene, something horrible would happen in the next. If a character is shown wearing yellow, they’re gonna die real soon.


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