Women and Veterans and Children

Yes, I’m boring and I sound like a broken record but I can’t help it, whenever I see something like this, I stop following:

Obama said lawmakers should “sit down in good faith without threatening to harm women and veterans and children with a government shutdown, and certainly we can’t have any kind of meaningful negotiations under the cloud of potential default.”

When women are put in the same category of fragile individuals in need of protection as children and veterans, I stop caring what point the speaker is trying to make.

Sequesters, defaults, and debt ceilings come and go. And I remain a woman for as long as I live.

Whenever I try to inform myself about the current news, I end up thinking, “A plague on both your houses, you useless creatures.”

5 thoughts on “Women and Veterans and Children

    1. I know somebody who fought in Vietnam, and he still battles PTSD.

      The article is definitely priceless. I especially liked this, “It’s not like his new wife is his maid.” He will become her maid in no time, and will be thankful for an opportunity to serve. 🙂 🙂

      And this: “If he turns out to be a controlling dick, let’s hope she’s just in it for the visa. Ah, romance!” The only person who will be a controlling dick in that relationship is the Ukrainian woman. And there is no if about that.


          1. Yes, I don’t mind it when laziness gets punished.

            There is, for example, an article going around these days wherein a Western woman gets attracted to a Turkish guy and finds out very gradually he is a misogynist control freak. I did not find this story so elevating, but apparently she felt she had learned a lesson — not a cultural lesson — but a dramatic lesson from the series BREAKING BAD.


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