More Surprising Discoveries From the Driving Rules

So people can get their driving licences suspended for failing to pay child support? This is brilliant. At least, there is some good coming out of the driving obsession in North America.

In my country, 80% of child support payments never get made. But nobody drives, except in Kiev, so this method would not work.

No Judgment

The grief counselor who was with us at the hospital called this morning to explain why she hadn’t called before. It turns out that she has been worrying about something she said while she was talking to me before the operation. She felt that this comment might have been inappropriate and could have hurt my feelings.

When the grief counselor started apologizing for the supposedly unfortunate comment, it took me a while even to remember it. I told her (with complete sincerity) that her presence at the hospital had been enormously helpful and that I was in no way upset with her.

My analyst (who, for the time being, is treating me psychotherapeutically and not psychoanalytically) warned me that many people will start feeling awkward around me and might start avoiding me as a result of the tragedy. And it’s true, I am seeing this happen. People are afraid of making things worse for me by saying or doing the wrong thing.

Many people who know me in RL are reading this and I want to tell them: it’s OK, you are not being judged on how well you support me. I always hated these obnoxious “How to Treat a Friend Who Is Grieving / Is Depressed / Is Sick / Has Suffered a Major Loss, etc.” lists that get published on blogs and in magazines with scary regularity. They always sound like they were written by a pouty, tantrum-prone eleven-year-old who never experienced any serious hardship and imagines trauma as an excuse to bully everybody into submission.

These days I hate such lists even more than ever and I promise never to compose one either on this blog or in my┬áhead. As judgmental as I am of everything that happens in the public realm, privately I am the most non-judgmental person in the world. Once I accept somebody into my life, this means they have been accepted just as they are. I don’t try to improve, lecture, or castigate people in my life. In short, if I never judged you before, I am even less interested in doing that now.

MS Office 2013 in Pictures

By huge popular demand, I’m posting photos of Microsoft Office 2013. Click on the picture to see better.

Here is MS Word 2013:

MS Word 2013


I blacked out my name, so the black stains in the margins are not Microsoft’s fault. Everything else is, though. No, seriously, everything is this white in MS Office 2013.

Here is Outlook 2013. Again, I blacked out the names of my correspondents:

MS Outlook 2013


Just imagine staring at all this whiteness all day long. Whose eyes are strong enough to deal? Even my ugly blackouts represent a welcome relief from the blinding light.

The greatest problem with PowerPoint 2013 (aside form the same white interface) is that it switches to a new slide when it considers that you have spent enough time on the previous one. Teachers, beware! If you have a question on one slide and the answer on the next, PowerPoint 2013 might reveal the answer before you are ready to do so.

The selection of themes for PP2013 is also a little bizarre for my tastes:

MS PowerPoint 2013


I only worked with MS Office 2013 for one day. Who knows what I would have discovered over a month of use?

Bizarroland, DC

I wish I hadn’t downloaded a news aggregator app two days ago because then I wouldn’t have found out that police officers who are working without pay shot eight times at a car carrying an unarmed woman and a small child which made the people in Congress who caused the police officers to work without pay hide for an hour.

Is there really no other way to stop a speeding car than to kill the driver? Also, do we know for sure that there isn’t an infection or something like it that’s making everybody in Washington deranged?