Self-Care Therapy

I’m administering a massive dose of self-care therapy to myself. In the course of the therapy, I will administer the following remedies:

1. I will paint my nails with furry nail polish. Have you heard that furry nail polish is all the rage these days? Of course, it isn’t called furry but it definitely looks like it. Any nail polish that doesn’t create a smooth surface is in vogue. Just so you know.

2. Then I will make Canadian split pea soup. It’s kind of ridiculous given the weather, but we will put the AC on super-ultra-high and pretend we are in South Dakota that is experiencing a snow storm today. Canadian split pea soup is our comfort food #1.

3. While the soup is simmering (it takes 5 hours if done right), I will apply a facial mask. Or even two facial masks, one after another. And maybe a hair mask, too.

4. While the mask is on, I will watch a Law & Order: SVU marathon on my computer (which is a very weird idea of a show to watch for relaxation purposes but I never denied I was strange) and plan my research activities until September 2014. I will write endless lists of things to do. Writing lists is my version of meditation, especially if I can place them into boxes inside calendars. So I printed out calendars to fill with lists. It has to be done by hand to be fully therapeutic.

5. If none of this has full effect, I will start downloading books. And making lists of them.

Do some self-care therapy this weekend, if you have some free time.

8 thoughts on “Self-Care Therapy”

  1. You know, one of the things you taught me, which was really, really useful, was how to draw a line between psychologically abusive behavior and acceptable behavior. I’m not sure this is the time to tell you, but why not. Having watched you deal with an assortment of trolls on your site, I gained a very clear idea as to where the line has to be drawn. I’ve learned similar, useful techniques from watching Julia Gillard at a work, who is also a smooth operator. She never would take the bait set out for her.


  2. Since my spine surgery in May, I’ve had to do a lot of self-care therapy (no bending, no twisting, no picking up more than 10 lbs, and nothing that might cause me to fall; any of those means I’ll be in pain again, or shift the new hardware. This is harder than you’d think, even with a reacher device to get at least some of the stuff I drop on the floor). I’ll do a little extra just because you asked. 🙂


  3. I love the list you’ve made here. I also like making lists, of books to read and movies to watch, as stress relief, plus writing up schedules and goals for the coming weeks and months. I also love dancing as stress relief, and tidying my desk (and home more generally), which tends to accumulate a lot of clutter of papers.

    Thanks for writing so openly about your experiences. I showed some of the posts to my friend, whose sister recently lost her child to SIDS at 2 months. Maybe she’ll show it to her sister, who will use this as an additional resource for working through the grief in the aftermath.


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