Help Needed From People Familiar With the Job Market

I haven’t been on the job market since 2009 and I’m not familiar with the language that is being used today. Can anybody help me decipher what is meant by “portfolio links”? See the online application form where the term appears:

portfolio links


See where it says “Insert portfolio links here”? What is a person supposed to insert exactly? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Don’t worry, I’m not going on the market but a very dear friend of mine has gotten fed u with the ridiculous employment situation in Quebec academia and wants to apply for a job in the US. And I really want her to get the job.

8 thoughts on “Help Needed From People Familiar With the Job Market”

  1. Clarissa, I THINK that it’s asking for URLs to any websites containing material that you consider part of your job portfolio.


  2. I have heard of a portfolio only for people applying for some sort of art-related job (fine art, advertising, etc.) It used to be done on paper, but online links are more and more common.


  3. Is this job offering geared toward recent grads?

    This is a thing I’ve seen at the local community college. Apparently they have students build a portfolio by uploading various papers and such online to a website and then tell the students to give out the links as part of their job search. This is supposed to prove that they produce quality work because getting As is not enough.

    What kind of job is it? If it’s artistic like graphic design, or it’s IT where you’re supposed to show coding skills, it makes sense. Otherwise, I’m not sure how likely it is a human is going to click on any link.

    Of course, there’s always the concern that someone may borrow your work without crediting you or hiring you. I wouldn’t put any of my most cherished projects in an online portfolio.

    (And that’s all I’m going to say because WOW this subject angers me so much.)

    A perspective: Portfolios


  4. Articles + Syllabi + Evaluations + Statements of this and that? If they do not specify any of these things in the add I would leave a blank space.

    Good luck to your friend! The situation is not only ridiculous in Quebec, but from coast to coast.


  5. Links to publicly available pieces of work, e.g. publications, articles etc. Sometimes people will set up folders on Dropbox or Google docs and add a link to allow prospective employers to download relevant items.


  6. Portfolio link would be for art, photography, applicant-written magazine article, applicant-designed website, etc. If a scholarly article is in the one obscure journal that has not yet gone online, put a pdf of it on the link. Otherwise, I would expect academic employers to be able to browse any articles online.


  7. I think when it asks if you have a degree you should click “no” and see what happens. Srsly though, a ‘portfolio’ is usually for candidates in music, fine arts, performing arts, etc., so I think HR websites have the field automatically, but in the humanities (I think?) it would be a link to a personal web page that has whatever materials the candidate wants to showcase.


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