Human beings are sometimes just too much. We were boarding this tiny airplane, and in front of the queue there was a pole with dividing tape and two signs pointing to a general boarding area and the priority boarding area. There were few passengers and a single flight attendant who stood on the general boarding side of the tape. You can see the whole arrangement on the photo. I was so shocked by what happened next that I had to take a photo.


Priority passengers hesitated for a second and collectively walked down the priority side of the line. This meant that they had to reach across the dividing tape to hand their boarding passes to the flight attendant, causing discomfort to him and to themselves. But it was so crucial to them to walk these 10 feet on the privileged side of the rope that they didn’t mind.

I’ve never paid for priority or first class seating in my life but if I do one day, I really hope I manage to retain enough lucidity to see how ridiculous people look when they begin to care what side of a dividing tape they walk.

Enlightened North Carolina

There is free wi-fi at the airport of Charlotte, NC. Too many places are abandoning the enlightened practice of offering free Internet access. The hotel where we will be staying in Pensacola charges people $10 per day for EACH device. And do you know many people who travel with just one device? We are traveling with 4, and 3 of them are mine.

Given that unlimited access phone plans are a thing of the past, this is very obnoxious.

I think there should be some sort of a mass movement for free wi-fi coverage everywhere. Companies that sell hand-held devices and apps will profit directly from this.