I just met a very strange person. He thought Sarah Palin would make a great VP and was a huge fan of hers. Still, he voted for Obama because he disliked McCain. A Sarah Palin fan who votes Obama is just too weird.

When will people stop voting for personalities and start voting on issues?

Marshmallow Experiment

So you’ve heard about the marshmallow experiment, right? Is the most cited and linked to experiment in sociology and the foundation of today’s North American pedagogy.

I believe the experiment is stupid, though. It doesn’t identify children who will be high-achievers. All it does is identify those kids who will spend their lives struggling with obesity.

This is not a starving society, to put it mildly. So a child who is desperate to earn an extra marshmallow is simply somebody who already has a very unhealthy relationship with food.

It is no wonder that we see so many overweight children when weird rituals related to food consumption are touted as something positive.