Sucker for Punishment

I just finished a long and tortuous translation about turbine oil, so I decided to entertain myself by reading my blogroll. And this is the very first thing I encountered:

Basically, being a hunter-gatherer is about as good as it gets for most of human existence. . . Industrial society produces better medicine and goods, but we work harder and have vastly more chronic disease even at the same age, and industrial society includes as its concommitent things like the widespread rape in the Congo and African poverty: that’s a requirement of our society, is not incidental.

Forget about the idiocy of what he says, just look at how horrible the writing is. Do I not get enough of this crap from my Freshmen?

Can somebody tell me why I’m following this pompous fool? I know, it’s because I’m what this post’s title says I am.

10 thoughts on “Sucker for Punishment”

  1. I just kept wondering when the sentence will finally end. Why is there a colon? What does “that’s a requirement of our society, is not incidental” even mean? I do feel better about my own writing skills now at least.


  2. Two points.

    1. I have a LOT of fun with an inconsistency in English grammar, whereby I can turn a word into its opposite meaning quite easily. The word in question is “hard”. So I like to assert that every day I work more hardly.

    2. This is like the MRA stuff, where the good old days are described from such a cosseted perspective that you just wish somehow the writer would break through the solipsistic bubble of consciousness by trying to put into action his beliefs. There ought to be no pontificating without practical effort.


    1. This blogger keeps publishing these endless, meaningless rants about how everything is horrible and the end of the world is near. He is hugely popular, though. Has crowds of readers. I know that apocalyptic speechifying pleases Americans to no end but I can’t bring myself to engage in it.


      1. Well, the inability to live in the real world because one finds it disgusting lends itself to this sort of pontificating. The real assumption is that anything that has material form is worthy of our disgust. By condeming different aspects of reality one can feel that one’s spirit has grown wings and that one is no longer part of general humanity.

        This is a game a lot of liberals love to play. They’re unsettled by real reality and feel that they could never be at peace with it because they belong in the spirit world, far above the dirt and grime.


  3. Garbled thought is like the US Weekly of your existence. He’s very sloppy in his time periods so he can make some general points.

    Try reading Cracked, it’s vastly less irritating and has no pretensions to being intellectual. :p

    Here’s a fun game, figuring why you’re not dead yet


    1. Short version: I owe my life to vaccines, antibiotics, modern sewage and water treatment systems, food inspection, cell phones, phones, anti-lock brakes, seat belts, antibiotics and Bendectin.


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