Unite and Organize

Please remember this: the best thing you can do as a contingent faculty member is join a union. Our part-timers are unionized, and none of the horror stories we hear about the mistreatment of instructors and lecturers can happen to them. The moment an administrator tries to treat them as disposable, the union steps in, and the administrator has to choke on these wrong-headed decisions.

If there is no union on campus, contact any existing union that has organizers nearby and ask them to send organizers.

2 thoughts on “Unite and Organize”

  1. The graphic reminds me of a book I started reading while on vacation ” Total leadership, Be a Better Leader, Have a Richer Life” by Stewart D Friedman. Except that at this point I don’t know what to think or believe. The world has changed so much and so rapidly in recent years that the reading sounds like something of the very past. Mah, let’s wait until I am done. Maybe I am getting very old and having the nostalgia syndrome!.


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