Like Teenagers


Today N and I went on a date to this amazing place that made us feel like all-American teenagers. I’m sure my US readers know exactly where this photo was taken but can people from overseas guess?

14 thoughts on “Like Teenagers”

  1. Do they not have car washes in other countries? Add that to the list of weird things I never knew were uniquely American.


    1. And many Americans (like me) never used a commercial car wash. But it’s one of those things that gets embedded in many non-Americans’ psyches as somehow quintessential to the American experience.

      “my US readers know exactly where this photo was taken”

      That was the clue that told me where it was more than the picture itself.

      I’m remembering that many years ago I had a job that required me to drive 50 miles (starting around 5.00 am) and then wait around for about five hours before driving back. Being young and dumb (and mostly broke because the job didn’t really pay anything) I often had early lunch at a Mickey D’s which was next to a thriving full service car wash with hordes of young worker bees vacuumed and washed the inside of the car. No point, just rambling…..


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