Fresh Observation

For every sleazy and pathetic little joke of a college in the midst of rural Godforsakenland, there will be a bunch of verbose crazies ready to defend the most exploitative and vicious practices this scam of a college employs to defraud teachers and students.

5 thoughts on “Fresh Observation”

  1. I attended a small liberal arts college as an undergraduate. Very small; there were 45 in my senior graduating class. I think I got a good education there in many ways, even though it was a very conservative Xtian environment. But you are right that when they are short of funds, such colleges seem to unfairly exploit their faculty.


    1. That is true, cliff arroyo; but it is an oversimplification. When I was a graduate student, I learned that a dozen years earlier, in the 1950’s, Michigan State University had several “payless paydays,” since the they had no money to pay things they needed to pay. If every university shut down when they temporarily were short of cash, we would have only a half dozen institutions of higher education left.


      1. A college that charges $61K per year in tuition should either provide a professor per discipline or go out of business. Much less expensive schools somehow avoid doing these things. What’s Bates problem?


  2. I saw such a steep deteriorition in the MLA JIL over the last five years that it is inexpressible, even in Spanish, even if you think that Latin Americanists are entering a golden age.

    The solution would be to make the promotion of affordable universities that also offer good education, like the university where you work. That will take time, obviously, because many of my students at the SLAC where I used to work find it normal that their parents put a second mortgage on their house to pay the 55K and above yearly tuition.


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