Pine Nuts

I have noticed that adding some pine nuts to a salad always makes it a happier, more joyful dish. And the salad becomes more filling which means that you don’t need to add anything else for it to be a very good dinner.

I really dislike the nuts that seem to be very beloved by Americans – pecans and macadamia. And I always detested almonds.


7 thoughts on “Pine Nuts”

  1. They become even better if you dry roast (without oil) them in a pan for a few minutes, just until they get brown. My mom always uses them in salads, they are delicious.


  2. I love pecans and I rather like macadamia nuts. However, pine nuts taste like soap to me. I cannot imagine why anyone eats them. Black walnuts and hicory nuts are my absolute favourites.

    All nuts have to be fresh, however. They can become rancid in a short time.


  3. I really miss my beloved pecans in Europe where they’re very, very hard to get.

    I love almonds, not only in sweet foods but in savory dishes like ajo blanco (and as an ingredient in gazpacho) or trout almondine (one of the few fish dishes I really like).

    I like pine nuts in some dishes but their taste alone does’t do it for me.


  4. Nice dinner. I too love almonds in any and all possible ways. Pine nuts too. I take the recipe now that I am back home.


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