At an Unexpected Place

I’ve been wondering why nobody was offering any answers to the most recent riddle but now I’m seeing that it never posted.

In any case, the answer to the question about this extremely weird, uncharacteristic place that I’m less likely to visit than a McDonald’s and where I found myself today is:


It took my sister and me a while to remember when my last visit to the gym took place. We finally remembered that it happened when George W. Bush was still President. I have students younger than that gym visit. OK, not really, but it’s close enough.

So the last time I went to the gym was in 2008. And my penultimate time at the gym was in 2005. I wasn’t very sure how gyms worked and what one was supposed to do there, so I ended up in the weight room. There was a huge, very ripped young man there. He saw me strain to lift a bar, making scary grunts and terrifying faces, and nodded appreciatively. His face reflected a profound respect for a fellow weight-lifter who was working very hard.

Then he walked by the side of the device I was operating and saw that the huge weight I was lifting with all that effort was a single 1-pound bar. So it was his turn to strain every ounce of his will-power to avoid laughing out loud.

After I told my sister about my visit to the gym, she shared a very ambitious idea she has for her company.

“Well, if it’s possible to get me to the gym. . .” I said.

“Then anything is possible!” she exclaimed happily.