If You Go to Bed Very Late

For many (and I mean, MANY) years, I had this very debilitating habit of going to bed after 4 am. And here somebody explains beautifully why I kept doing that:

I wonder whether staying up too late is this kind of neurotic suffering. I invented the practice at my first job, where the only time I felt safe was after I got home from work, and I wanted to extend the number of safe hours I had. I resurrected it here because the avoidance of a large part of the disappointing days, and the extension of the night-space in which one could be anywhere, made my indenture to the rural suburb and subjection to a breathtakingly unprofessional workplace less immediately obvious.

And for people who suffer from this problem for the same reason as described in the previous quote, here is a solution:

That isolated feeling. The only answer is to create an R1 bubble around oneself and live in it. This takes some effort.

Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant.

There Is No Israel Lobby

Finally, somebody is saying this:

The “omnipotent Israel lobby” is one of the hoariest chestnuts of political commentary, but maybe this news will remind people of a few basic facts about American politics. When “pro-Israel” policies are popular, as they usually are, lobbies that advocate for them appear unstoppable. But when the Israel lobby gets on the wrong side of public opinion, the magic goes away.

The need to believe that a tiny country that would not be able to survive for 10 minutes without a constant financial, military and political backing from the US exercises complete control over US politics is in no way different from the belief in a Masonic-Jewish conspiracy that secretly rules the world.

Old Post Rescue #3

Here is one of my favorite posts on what it means to help people. I’m very proud of this one.

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A post on the totalitarian nature of the suggestions by certain liberal economists.

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Funny true scenes from grad school life.

My second favorite stalker story.

My favorite princess. Disney should make a movie about her. A really scary, blood-thirsty movie.

Mocking Pseudo-Feminists

What a beautiful mockery of pseudo-feminists and pseudo-progressives:

Sanagavarapu, whose Kickstarter project is called “Feminist Style,” is ultimately interested in a larger effort to subvert the mainstream messages in popular advertising. She points out that most companies rely on objectifying and sexualizing women in order to sell their products, and there’s a big opportunity for feminists to provide alternate options to challenge the status quo. In a video to promote her new effort, Sanagavarapu describes the idea as “leveraging the consumerist aspects of our society to create social change.”

I hope Sanagavarapu makes a ton of money exploiting the pathetic pseudo-politics of the stupid people who say things like “Companies sexualize women” completely seriously.