Spring is very close, and we need to get serious about preparing for the new season. This week we will be letting out some of the accumulated aggression.

Every day this week we will have a short 10-minute session of letting out the rage. Concentrate and locate the source of the rage inside yourself. If you can yell and pound a pillow with your fists, that’s perfect. If that is not convenient, you need to learn the art of yelling in the shower without making any noise. The rage is the energy that comes out of you, and it doesn’t have to be accompanied with sound.

Alternatively, you can let the rage out during a workout. This doesn’t have to be anything that is noticeable to others but you have to experience this as much more than a regular workout.

Stomping your foot aggressively is another possibility. If nothing helps you to tap into the source of rage, then it is crucial to explore what is blocking the access.

Remember: this exercise needs to have a physical component. Verbal aggression alone won’t cut it.

Let’s rage away, my friends!

Patriots Beat up Nerds in Kharkov

A group of Russian patriots broke into the offices of an educational Ukrainian organization in Kharkov yesterday and started beating up people.

I am from Kharkov and I used to belong to that organization. A quieter group of nerds the world has never seen. The Russian patriots’ excuse that they were hunting neo- Nazis at that place is absolutely ridiculous.

Decent Russians

About 70,000 – 80,000 people marched in the streets of Moscow under Ukrainian and Russian flags and protested against the invasion of Ukraine.

The saddest thing about Putin’s propaganda is that it says the exact same things Brezhnev’s propaganda said but, unlike the Soviet people of the 1970s and 1980s, today’s Russians believe all of the lies their government tells them.

It is very heartening that at least some people in Russia oppose invading a neighboring country.

Humanities Postdocs

I’m discovering to my absolute dismay that there are academics who have convinced themselves that the destruction of tenure lines to create a series of revolving-door short-term postdocs in the Humanities is done to BENEFIT ACADEMICS.

And here I was wondering why my colleagues accepted the possibility of teaching extra courses for free with no objection. They probably think this is the administration’s super kind way of helping them enhance their teaching skills and help them rest from the demands of doing research and having a life.