From The Creators Of Borshch

And here is a fun series of posters for those who think Ukrainians are not worthy of supporting because they have contributed nothing but borscht to the world civilization.

Let’s Help Ukraine!

After the death of over 40 people in the Ukrainian city of Odessa, murdered as a result of Russian terrorists invading the city and shooting into a peaceful crowd, it has become clear that the Russian Federation has become an unapologetic sponsor of terrorism. Let’s get the White House to overcome its inertia and recognize this obvious reality.

We can all help Ukrainians who are dying today to defend their right to live free of foreign invaders. Let’s sign this petition:


Designate Russia as “State Sponsor of Terrorism”

In its unannounced war against Ukraine, Russia relies on covert operations which fall squarely within the definition of “international terrorism” under 18 U.S.C. ยง 2331. Specifically, armed operatives of Russia, acting under disguise, attempt to influence the policy of Ukrainian government by intimidation or coercion. They also try to affect the conduct of a government by assassinations and kidnapping, taking by force government buildings, police posts and military bases of Ukraine. This activity is being conducted on large scale and over prolonged time period, despite condemnation by the USA, G-7, NATO, EU and UN.

Accordingly, Russia must be officially designated as “State sponsor of terrorism”, per

Click here to sign the petition!

I’m Not Exotic

So my best friend from California is visiting. Last night we went to a very nice restaurant and in the bathroom I saw an announcement for a book fair being held at a local church. So of course I immediately Googled the cause they were holding the fair for because I don’t want to support some horrible cause, like “Homophobes Unite!” or “Let’s Chase Unwed Mothers Out of Town.” But it turned out to be for a great cause (cancer research), so we went.

At the entrance to the book fair, I started talking to the greeters. However, they looked past my undeniably Slavic face, bright blue tights, and a noticeable Russian accent. They also paid no attention to N’s very typical mysterious silent Russian persona. The greeters looked straight at my Californian friend who is fifteenth generation American and said, “You are not from around here. Where are you from?”

“Who, me??” asked my friend, shocked to be so easily identified as a stranger.

It was somewhat of a relief not to be singled out as the greatest misfit in every group for once. At the same time, it’s a little disturbing to have become so Midwesternized that a Californian eclipses me in the exoticism department. Maybe I should start rethinking my wardrobe.

By the way, I bought a huge biography of Dreiser at that fair and I’m loving it already.