A Creepy Gift


We just saw this very sad and creepy Mother’s Day gift at Sam’s Club. It’s a cactus with a plastic bird on it inside a cage. If it’s supposed to symbolize a woman’s life, that’s kind of depressing.

Politicized Fast Food Joints

From a set of national chains, liberals most favored (in relative terms) California Pizza Kitchen.

Conservatives favored Cracker Barrel and Papa Murphy’s and Marie Callender’s and Hooter’s.

For fast food outlets there is a big liberal margin in favor of Chipotle, Boston Chicken, Qdoba, and most of all Au Bon Pain.

The only place among all these that I’ve actually been to is Au Bon Pain. And I’ve been there a lot. So the study does make sense in my case.

Does your favorite fast food place reflect your politics?

The Guardian vs Putinbots

Even the UK’s scandalous rag The Guardian has been forced to rethink its sympathetic attitude towards Putin. Every article the paper has published about Russia has been inundated with offensive and hysterical comments from the army of Putin’s paid trolls. Now The Guardian’s editors are suffering from the endless assault of the trolls and learning firsthand what anybody who dares not to sing praise to Putin 24-7 experiences in Russia and Ukraine.

About Odessa

The tragic events in Odessa revealed something very unexpected. Odessa is the only Ukrainian city I know that I could call very Russian. Not pro-Russian, which is a ridiculous and meaningless term adored by spineless Western journalists, but actually Russian in its culture, its way of life, everything. I visited Odessa once and was shocked at how similar it was to St. Petersburg, not in terms of architecture, which is very different, but in the way people acted. My visit to Odessa was extremely unpleasant because it was painful to see so many low-cultured, rude, garish, horribly vulgar and mean people per square inch of territory.

But if even in this city, which is exceptional in Ukraine in the degree of its Rusianness, a crowd of soccer fans chose to come out into the streets and march under Ukrainian flags and dozens of people were willing to die for Ukraine, this means that, as the first line of our national anthem says, Ukraine is really not dead yet.