More Stereotyping

People are unhappy that I said the Anglos’ best quality is that they are patient plodders. I do believe this is one of the best qualities a person can have and see that the Anglos do think so too, even though they might protest aloud.

For instance, my students always easily accept that they might have all kinds of intellectual limitations. “Yes, I’m not good with writing,” “You are right, I hate reading,” “Yes, my vocabulary is limited,” “I have no analytic skills,” “I’m very bad with technology,” etc. they say very easily.

But God forbid I say something like, “It seems that you didn’t work as hard on this as you could have,” they invariably explode.

“No! I worked hard! I worked extremely hard! I’m just bad at this! But I worked for 6 hours every day! For weeks! I just have no capacity for literary analysis, that’s all!”

I’m from a different culture, so I can accept a lot more easily that I was lazy and didn’t work than that I might simply be a bit stupid.