A Book on Demystifying the Job Search

In the spirit of goodwill and friendly help, I want to suggest the funniest and most insightful book I have ever read on how to harness the power of LinkedIn in your job search. It’s aimed at quants but even I, who is very far removed from this field, enjoyed it. If you have Prime, you can read it for free on your device.

The author is James Lin and the book is titled DEMYSTIFYING THE JOB SEARCH PROCESS.

Viral, Take 2

Life is unfair, my friends. I have written a multitude of posts, thousands of comments, discussed, talked, offered support and advice, distributed insults, raged, pontificated, preached, linked, reviewed, photographed, formed lasting human connections, antagonized, etc.

Yet the only two times I ever managed to go viral was with the posts that were not even written by me. The first time was with the tree test post and today I have gone viral again with the Entrepreneur’s post on female employees.

It’s time to face it, I will never be able to make myself relevant to the mainstream with anything I manage to produce on my own.

On the positive side, most of the comments I’m getting from the mainstream are of such a low quality that I’m enjoying a new-found appreciation for the elevated intellectual caliber of my regular readers.

P.S. Blogging is weird. On the day the blog goes viral with Entrepreneur’s post, the most popular search term on the blog is “naked Germans.” Go figure what naked Germans have to do with any of this. 

Smith College’s Battle Against Patriarchy

If anybody had any doubts that Smith College is stupid (a women’s college? How is this shit even legal?), here is some hilarious news:

Instead of the evil head of the IMF (Christine Lagarde is also “the first woman to lead a global law firm, [and the first] to be the finance minister of a major industrial country.” She is, as well, a top candidate for head of the European Commission and is talked about as a viable candidate for president of France.), Smith College will get as its commencement speaker the woman who, as a member of the Goldman Sachs “scandal-prone” board, approved Lloyd Blankfein’s notorious multimillion dollar bonuses.

Smith College has been on the news because of the protests started by the students when they discovered that Lagarde was going to speak at their commencement. As The NYTimes reports, Lagarde withdrew from the commencement ceremony

under pressure from people who object to the I.M.F.’s role in the “strengthening of imperialist and patriarchal systems.” So, one of the world’s most powerful women will not share insights with one of the nation’s most prominent women’s colleges because of a concern about patriarchy. Evil men — that’ll show ’em.

I guess, according to the logic peculiar to Smith College, being the head of the IMF strengthens the patriarchy while being Lloyd Blankfein’s foot soldier weakens it. Makes tons of sense.

The best woman to speak at Smith must be one who never did or said anything at all and just sat there, in perfect silence, being 100% perfect all the time. I’m guessing this is the kind of successful womanhood taught at Smith.