Russian Arithmetic

Russian mass media are too funny for words. They became so attached to their favorite talking point that radical nationalists had come to power in Ukraine (hence the need to save the country by invading it) that they were reporting that a radical nationalist candidate was leading in the presidential elections.

In reality, said radical nationalist got 0,9% of the vote. To everybody else on the planet this means that only the guy’s extended family and a few friends voted for him. To Russians, however, this means he won.

The Death of the Two-Party System

Another important election yesterday revealed a lot about Spain. In the European election, Spaniards demonstrated that they are ready to let go of the two-party system.

I strongly believe that it’s time to let bipartidism go in the US. Both parties have discredited themselves on every level and have degenerated to the point of forming dynasties. They are too inert even to pretend they are trying. When Bush #3 and Clinton #2 are offered to us as the only choices.

And yes, I like Hillary. But my question is: would I like her as much if there were anybody else to choose from?

These two parties are done. Nobody cares about them, nobody wants to come to the elections. They need to go away.

Ukraine Has A President

As if to put every Russian propagandist to shame, Ukrainians gave more votes at the presidential election to a candidate with the last name of Rabinovich than to the only two candidates (out of a dozen) who are actual Ukrainian nationalists.

I happen to think that it matters far less who was elected than that there finally is a president. Change in Ukraine (and Russia) doesn’t lie in the hands of the leaders. The myth of the good tsar who will finally solve every problem has to be relinquished. Now it is only up to Ukrainians if the country moves to a civilized European future.