The View

I thought I’d get some work done while I’m waiting for the refrigerator to be delivered but the view, together with the sounds of birdsong and the creek splashing, is very distracting.


What’s funny is that even 5 years ago the view would have made me detest the house. I only wanted to see concrete out of the window, and a lot of it. I feel very weird to myself.

An Update on the War in Ukraine

The war in Ukraine continues. The Russian terrorists have kidnapped 16 Ukrainian orphans and brought them to Russia.

One of the main points of Russia’s official ideology is that the “brown and yellow threats” are coming, and there are not enough white babies to hold the invading hordes at bay. Hence, the kidnapped Ukrainian kids. This racial paranoia is one of the reasons the invasion is happening. Russia doesn’t need more territories. It’s white, Russian-speaking people it seeks.

Also, several armored vehicles with Russian flags crossed the border today and continued moving across the Donetsk region. The Internet is awash in photos and videos of these vehicles, but, as usual, there is no response from the Ukrainian army.

EU’s Productivity Enhancing Recipe

Spain’s GNP will jump up by 4,5% this year. Before you get too happy, let me tell you that this isn’t because the country’s economy suddenly became more productive. The EU is demanding that all member nations change the way they calculate the GNP in order to show growth where there’s none.

Spain will now move the military spending from the “Expenses” to the “investment” category. Also, the production of the fields such as prostitution, drug trade and contraband will count as the GNP.

You gotta love the EU, folks. I mean, really, instead of figuring out how to become more productive (because that’s a total drag), one can just futz with the numbers and pretend like the productivity is soaring.


Now that I’m a real driver, I’ve gotten into listening to the radio. Unfortunately, I detest the kind of stations that play music because I need radio with words. So at first, I listened only to commercials. Then I got tired of hearing about the magic pill that would help me feel like the man I want to be in the bedroom and at the gym.

So I found a talking radio station from St Louis. From that station, I learned that men find it emasculating when:

1. A woman asks them to open a jar and they can’t.
2. A woman drives the car while they sit in the passenger seat.
3. They have to ask a mechanic how to change a tire. I’m guessing that if the mechanic happens to be a woman, that’s an absolute end of the world.

I’m now feeling extremely grateful for my husband, father, grandfather, and great-grandfather who would not even understand the structure of the above-listed sentences.

I feel very sorry for people who endure this castration complex and don’t realize they don’t have to. Poor freaks. Do you realize it’s the same idiots who have been coming to the blog to insist that “men and women are different”? This neurosis is all they have in terms of individualty, the fools.

I can’t even remotely imagine anything that would make me feel “less of a woman,” or whatever. The whole idea is baffling.