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Pretty much everything that is published on the super popular “feminist” websites is offensive to my sensibilities, but this post is just the limit. Just so that you prepare yourselves before going there, the tags for the post are: “bodies, body acceptance, Body Image, butts.” These freakazoids seem to think they are making some feminist statement by promoting this garbage.

Intimate Violence

Have you heard of this study that is getting massively publicized?

Dr. Vijay Singh and colleagues used data from a larger national survey. The 500 men were asked: “Over the course of your relationship, how often have you ever done any of these things (pushed, grabbed, or shoved; threw something; slapped or hit; kicked, bit, or hit with a fist; beat up; choked; burned or scalded; threatened with a knife or gun) to your current spouse/partner?” Nineteen percent admitted they had done so at least once, the team reported in Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine. “If men could enter responses in a private way, (the percentage) could have been even higher,” Singh noted.

This study would have a lot more value if the questioning had been conducted of both men and women. Out of the 14 behaviors described here, I engaged in seven. Obviously, there is no excuse, these were horrible, horrible things to do. But it bothers me that these actions are presented as something that men do when, in reality, it is what bad people do. Bad people irrespective of gender. I think we are strong enough to acknowledge that.

Ages and Stages

20-25 = drafting a floor plan.

25-30 = laying the foundation.

30-35 = building the walls.

35-40 = installing the roof.

40-45 = decorating.

45-50 = a) looking at the whole structure, freaking out and trying to drive off on a red Harley or b) looking at the whole structure, sighing contentedly, and settling in to enjoy it for the next 50 years.