Persecutory Fantasies

As much as I hate to pile on anybody on the spectrum, I have to say, what a weird lady:

I’m always creeped out by people who engage in public persecutory manias in such an insistent way.

The reason why I’m publishing the video is because I’m hoping to reassure this person that the string of trivialities she perceives as shocking and censored doesn’t really bother anybody.

Driver’s Woes

So if the rearview mirror is not the window you have in the back of the car but, counter-intuitively, the thing you have sticking in front of you, what is the correct name for the window in the back?

I have also just discovered that when people say, “Great car! Is this a 4 or a 6?”, the answer of “I bought it used” is not what they are expecting.


Handouts to Men

What do you call a person who wants to offer governmental handouts to unmarried men in order to improve their personal lives? Right you are, a Conservative! Here is an excerpt from an interview with Ross Douthat:

There’s increasing interest on both sides of the aisle in criminal justice reform, wage supports for unmarried men, and other ideas that might make a difference to couples or would-be couples on the margins. But that consensus won’t hold if the policy drift is just toward a kind of open-ended support for single parents. There has to be a specific focus on making men marriageable, and making it easier to be married to them, and that focus has to cash out (literally) in whatever policy choices we make.

Talking about big government and Big Brother, governmental policy aimed at investing public money to improve the dating lives of a few of society’s members seems scarily intrusive and authoritarian. I thought that Conservatives should be fleeing in horror from such ideas. Yet here is Douthat, super comfortable with the idea of costly governmental intrusions into the private lives of citizens. I’m also kind of surprised to see such an open contempt for men that doesn’t even attempt to disguise itself. According to Douthat, the only way of making men attractive as marriage partners is by giving them cash. Of course, Douthat is projecting here and offending all men while doing so.

But Douthat doesn’t stop here in his fantasy of governmental intrusion into the private lives of citizens. He also supports

waiting periods and counseling for divorcing couples (especially couples with children), preferential treatment in court for spouses who are being divorced against their will (in the absence of evidence of abuse).

He isn’t suggesting giving governmental handouts to people in order to prevent them from divorcing but I’m sure he will get there soon enough. Maybe Douthat’s plan consists of bribing every citizen into living the lifestyle that doesn’t make Douthat uncomfortable. It’s looking like relieving Douthat’s angst at the sight of people who are enjoying “adult freedom. . . in a society organized around adult desire” (Douthat’s own words) will be a costly project for us as a society. Maybe we should give him a governmental handout to seek a mental health specialist? In the long run, treating Douthat will turn out cheaper than remaking the world to fit Douthat’s fantasy.

Fresh Jokes from Russia

“Can a woman be president of Russia?”
“According to the constitution yes, but in reality no.”
“Why not?”
“Because Putin is not a woman.”
Putin brought back the Soviet anthem,  the mandatory school uniforms,  the food shortages, and Stalin’s fitness norms. All that’s left for him to do is ban sex.
It makes sense to give Putin the Nobel Peace Prize. Or he will just come and take it.
A defense of rights and freedoms is the best excuse for eliminating dissidents.