What Scott Walker, Syriza and Putin Have in Common

Republicans have decided to blame their plummeting relevance to the young on scary, evil professors. Scott Walker has started making some silly beatings about the need to burden professors with so much teaching that they have no time to think or learn. Obviously, there is nothing such professors can teach anybody but that’s precisely the point.

Remember what I told you about political parties that will try to hang on to power by offering  $19.99 solutions to complex problems? This is one example.

The $19.99 parties are doomed, and this plan by the hapless Walker is really doomed but, in the meantime, the especially facile will feel relief. The easy, snappy solution has been found! The nation-state is crumbling because Daddy (professors are obviously representatives of the symbolic father) is not working hard enough. Let’s force Daddy to provide, and everything will be right again.

But adults don’t get a Daddy to provide for them. They get to grow up and provide for themselves. And Scott Walker can’t give you a Daddy provider, no matter how much you whine and beg.

We are facing an enormous global transformation, and populists like Walker and Syriza are just wasting our time with their empty promises to turn back the clock and undo globalization, the information revolution, the Internet, the digital technology, etc. Walker, Syriza and Putin are peddling a fantasy where all of these developments can be taken back but that fantasy is silly, childish, and escapist.

More Russians Needed!

I wish more idiot Russians came over to the blog and I could insult them in a wide variety of languages like I just did with a freak who has the gall to identify as “Russian_and_Proud.

Russians, do me a favor. Come here and be kicked and humiliated by me. This makes me feel good. I know many languages, and I can swear like a drunken sailor in all of them.

Any decent person who has the great misfortune of being Russian experiences shame and horror today. It took my husband a month to write a letter to the Russian Embassy because he’d get to the phrase, “I, such and such, am a citizen of the Russian Federation” and just couldn’t proceed. Because he’s normal and he’s ashamed of belonging to such a horrible country and such horrible, vicious people.

What Makes an Informed Political Citizen?

The Clinton result is hardly surprising, more interesting is that 77% of these 18-34 year

-olds cannot name either of their US senators. The finding provides fodder for the suggestion that millennials are relatively uninformed political citizens


Oh, come on. I couldn’t name my senator either. I suck at names. It sometimes takes me a moment to come up with my own name, so what? Do I look very uninformed about politics?

People are not good at memorizing stuff that can be found on Google within seconds, so what? How is that an indication of anything?

The Politics of the Infantile

Syriza came to power on a lie. It’s promising to preserve the nation-state, and the nostalgic voters are so ignorant and deluded that they believe it is possible to check out of the rest of humanity and preserve a little secluded nation-state paradise in Greece.

Of course, there is enormous hypocrisy in this position. The Greeks are just as post-nation as anybody else. They sigh for the nation-state handouts yet agree that the defense of their nation-state should be a burden carried by the NATO.

We will now see many of these “parties of the especially infantile” who promise their voters that it is possible to preserve the goodies of the nation-state without having to experience any discomfort to do that. These parties or political leaders of the infantile will promise easy, snappy, pain-free fixes to the decline of the nation-state: abandon the Euro zone, refuse to pay debts, expel immigrants, create a multipolar world, cut governmental waste, etc.

The voters will love these easy, convenient, pain-free solutions because the logic of the market has taught them that a consumer should always have such solutions to extremely complex issues available for “three easy payments of $19.99”.  They are rebelling against the logic of the market that has robbed them of their nation-state, yet they are doing it within the logic of the market. And this tells us just how useless their struggle is.

Big Government Rauner

So we keep hearing how Republicans are all for “small government”, right? And there are enough idiot losers out there to believe that shit. So the idiot losers go and elect the “small government” Rauner as the governor of Illinois. And what does the “small government” Rauner do the second he gets into office? Right you are, he starts spending even more of taxpayers’ money in a broke state on bureaucrats:

Bruce Rauner keeps calling for “shared sacrifice” to get Illinois out of its huge financial hole, but his message sounds a tad hypocritical now that we know the sacrifices don’t apply to his staff.

Nine of his top 10 staffers are being paid more than their counterparts in Gov. Pat Quinn’s office – anywhere from 11 percent to 94 percent more. In dollars, it’s an extra $380,000 for those positions.

Up to 94% more! If this isn’t an egregious case of governmental waste, I don’t know what is.

I find it unbelievable that anybody voted for this stupid lying crook.