Wallflowers on Reddit

I’m being told that Redditors are fainting in shock over the cussing I unleashed yesterday at a Russian patriot.

Gosh, maybe I should start issuing trigger warnings so that the tender sensibilities of the gentle wallflowers on Reddit don’t get too scandalized.


It’s an important milestone for a scholar when she actually starts getting invitations to publish articles in edited volumes (by people who are not her friends, acquaintances, or former grad school buddies I mean.)

I received such an invitation today from two important scholars in my field. They seem to have been impressed by my recent publications.

I feel important.

How I Got Evolution

Crowds of brilliant people, including on this blog, tried to explain evolution to me. But it was useless. I remained utterly unconvinced.

And then I put up a bird feeder and within a month realized that evolution is very real.

The squirrels are evolving like crazy in their battle to get access to the seeds in the feeder. They are battling two PhDs and the Home Depot chain but they are winning every time. It takes them about two days to unravel each new contraption we invent to keep them out of the feeder. I will not be surprised if I see them develop opposable thumbs and start a “Clarissa Is Primitive” blog.

So yeah, evolution is totally a thing.

MOOCs Are Still Dead

Few people would now be willing to argue that massive open online courses are the future of higher education. The percentage of institutions offering a MOOC seems to be leveling off, at around 14 percent, while suspicions persist that MOOCs will not generate money or reduce costs for universities—and are not, in fact, sustainable.

Everybody who is actually working in education (as opposed to blabbing stupidly about it) have been saying this only from the beginning of the MOOC idiocy.

The problem is that all you need to understand that MOOCs are hopeless is to be a teacher. But it’s very hard to explain to a non-teacher why this was a dead-end project from the start. You can’t scale teaching. Just like you can’t scale dentistry, no matter what Dr.Phil with his online clinics will tell you. You can only teach when looking people in the eye and engaging with them as individuals. 

One of the greatest principles of teaching is: if you don’t know a student’s name, you aren’t really teaching him.

No Shame

Some people have absolutely no shame. What kind of a stupid prick do you have to be to appropriate the name of the Black Lives Matter campaign to make some idiotic point about a country you understand as little as all of the other countries you stupidly blab about?

no shame

Of course, this “Yves Smith” person is actually a former (yeah, right) Goldman Sachs employee. It’s quite obvious she is being paid to discredit Liberalism by posting these silly and hysterical posts under the guise of a progressive blogger with a French (seriously?) name.