Consolation from an Honorary Ukrainian

As happens every year, I get upset after leaving the accountant ‘ s office and start ranting about the unfairness of the effective tax rate of 26%.

“Remember, though, that part of this money will go to sending weapons to Ukraine,” N says.

And it really helps.

Of course, the money will help my people to kill N’s people but he repudiated Russia and I have assigned him the status of an honorary Ukrainian.

Rummaging in the Intimate Stuff

“I hate going to the accountant!” N exclaims. “I hate it when people rummage in my intimate stuff!”

“I’m sorry,” I said. “But I’ve been going to a gynecologist for the past 20 years. It’s hard for me to share the outrage.”

The Dilemma of the Dense

Here is an absolutely hilarious post from some brainless twat who is torn between the realization that one needs to be an educated, broad-minded individual to make any money today and the terror of education and broad-mindedness:

Your daughter loves literature, and wants to study it at the college level. You know that if she goes to an elite school, they’re going to turn her into a poststructuralist ideologue, and either rob her of her passion for truth and beauty, or corrupt it through ideological re-education. But you also know that if she goes to a “marginal” school, there will be a significant opportunity cost in terms of career advancement and status.

This fellow is a spiritual brother of Scott Walker whose impotent attempts to castrate higher education have made so many people laugh recently. Even the most dense folks realize that you can’t remain parochial, terrified of the world and stupid if you want to be financially successful. But the need to let go of parochialism and stupidity makes them wriggle in pain.