Mocking Grief: A New Hobby

People on Facebook are cruelly mocking parents of stillborn babies. I’m quietly scrolling down my feed and suddenly come across this really savage ridicule of people who are mourning the death of their children. 

I wonder what the thought process here was. “Hey, I have some free time. Why not poke fun at grieving parents? Ha ha, those sorry losers!”?

And here I thought this day couldn’t get any worse.

No, I will never understand the enigmatic Russian soul

The mysterious Russian soul in action. Stupid, useless freakazoids.

Voices of Ukraine

By Kostyantyn Izotov
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

Another typical dialogue with a vatnik [Russian nationalist]:

Maia Rudenko

… One morning a former classmate got hold of me on Skype. And our conversation went something like this:

–”It hurts me to read what you write about Russia.”

“Am I lying?”

–”I didn’t say that!”

“So, what’s the matter? Are you ashamed of your country?”

–”Well … No, I’m not ashamed. I just think it’s strange that you don’t understand some simple things.”

“Of course, I don’t understand! There’s a whole load of simple things that I don’t understand! –For example, I don’t understand what troops from YOUR country are doing in MY country? Let me remind you: at one time, it happened to be your country [as well]…”

“You see that! This is key!

–”Yeah, that’s key! So, what are troops from your country doing in my…

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Why Obama Is Afraid

Jokes about nuclear strikes are becoming more common on Russian TV (which is by far the #1 source of information for the people of Russia). For now, it’s all very casual and goes along the lines of, “If we deliver a nuclear strike, they [Americans, obviously] won’t have time to respond. Ha ha.”

Of course, Obama is afraid to send weapons to Ukraine or even mention Nadiya Savchenko in public. Russia is an ISIS that is 140 million strong and waving around nukes. Who wouldn’t be afraid? There is absolutely no telling what the Russians might do.

Have you had the misfortune of seeing a person in a fit of narcissistic rage? Imagine that multiplied by 140,000,000 and armed to the teeth with weapons of mass destruction.

It’s Not About Putin

Putin ‘ s removal or death will change nothing. Russia is a country of 140 million that has been horribly mangled by its hurried attempts to break into modernity. And these costly attempts still were unsuccessful. Now, Russians react violently against anything associated with modernity.

Putin is just a tiny little detail of this profound hatred of modernity.

Another Person’s Burden

Somebody posted a cutesy pic on Facebook where a kid says: “Love is when you are missing your front teeth and your friends still love you!”

Another person, an adult woman, responded: “Yeah, but do they still love you if you have some extra pounds? :-(“

An adult woman. Actually asked this question. And ended it with a sad smiley.

I’m just extremely happy to be me right now. 

Gosh, people, seek help, take care of yourselves. This kind of worldview must be an enormously heavy burden to carry. It’s not like my life is a bed of roses but I have never hated myself like this. I can’t even imagine what it must be like. 

P.S. I don’t want anybody ridiculing this woman in the comments. Some people’s burdens are heavier than others’. That’s cause for compassion and reflection.