An idiot on Twitter is asking Ukrainians, “Are you sure you are ready for European values like separation of church and state?”

The wonder of social media allows dumbasses to transmit their idiocy to all continents instantly.

Cold War Question Mark

For the first time since I started teaching my course on Hispanic Civilization, I had to remove 1991 as the final year of the Cold War and put a question mark instead. What we thought was the end turned out to be a short pause. 

I just want to remind everybody what one smart blogger wrote back in 2011:

Nobody wants to talk about Russia, though. Russia is already a huge nuclear power. It is also a country that owns a lot of oil and natural gas, has a huge population, cannot be defeated militarily, and is consumed by a huge bout of anti-Western hysteria.

Western politicians have been bamboozled by the empty talk about democracy and the end of the Cold War that Russia has been offering for two decades. This is all a sham, though. The Cold War continues. And I have no doubt that the side to lose this war will be the one that refuses to recognize that the war goes on.

And today we all have ample proof that the brilliant blogger was right this entire time.

Here is a quote from another 2011 article:

As to the end of the Cold War, if you seriously think it’s over, you need to stop spending so much time listening to the American media and turn to some external sources of information every once in a while. The winner of the Cold War is yet to be decided but I somehow doubt that you can win any war by pretending it isn’t taking place.

The really funny thing is that too many people in the US are still refusing to accept that the Cold War never ended.

More on the Idiot State

More cuts suggested by Mr. Rauner and described by him as “compassionate”:

Significant cuts to the Department of Children and Family Services. Eliminating services for youth ages 18 to 21.

Community care for senior citizens.

Mental health services.

Addiction treatment.

Dental Care for adults on Medicaid.

Support for children on ventilators.

Yes, who cares about those stupid kids on ventilators. We should have thrown them off a cliff a long time ago, like they did in Sparta.

The funding for the following programs is cut completely (to 0%):

Arts and foreign language

The Children’s Mental Health Partnership program

Advanced placement courses

Regional Safe Schools, which offer education to students who are expelled or suspended.

And this is just a small portion of vital services that will be destroyed.

The Governor is convinced that all this will massively improve our state’s economy and “empower out workforce”. He’s not offering any details on how taking kids off ventilators will do that but it makes total sense to take them off ventilators first and think later. Or, ideally, not think at all.

Does IL stand for “idiot losers”?

An Idiot State

So Governor Rauner proposed a $400 million cut to higher education in Illinois, which constitutes about 30% of the total budget of the Illinois Board of Higher Education. One of the (many) things he proposed is eliminating $1.2 million in funding to our university’s School of Pharmacy. Because nobody needs pharmacists in Illinois today. Those suckers (and the very highly ranked school from which they graduate) are a total waste of space.

Good job shooting your kids in the foot, citizens of Illinois. Depriving them of education so that Mr. Rauner’s buddies can buy even more yachts and mansions is totally a brilliant move.

Ukrainians: An Exuberant Culture


Ukrainians are so easy to recognize. I requested 3 Ukrainian stickers but got 4 in an envelope covered with happy hand-written messages. This is the very typically Ukrainian exuberance: whatever you ask for, you’ll get more just because the world is beautiful and the joy just has to be shared.

There is no Russian on the planet who’d do this. Not because they are inherently bad or anything. Simply because their stance vis-a-vis the world is a lot more suspicious. Remember the story of how N suspected, throughout the first year if our relationship, that I only said nice things to him to get him relaxed and then deliver a mortal blow? That’s very Russian.