UK Academics: Please Help

People who have experience with working or studying at UK universities! I need your help.

If a person comes to a graduate program in the UK in the field of Arts and Humanities, are there any internal opportunities to fund the studies, at least partially? Are there any internal awards, TA-ships or RA-ships that international grad students could apply for? 

In short, is there any funding in such programs that grad students could work for while they study?

Forget the Outdated STEM vs Humanities Conflict

When I say that the Illinois Board of Higher Education wants to eliminate the Humanities programs at out university, people immediately assume that the goal here is to promote STEM disciplines.

That is not the case, however.  The IBHE is not promoting STEM at the expense of Humanities. It is, rather, promoting online vocational training at the expense of everything else. This is not a Humanities vs STEM conflict. This is education vs online vocational training conflict.

People, it’s time to forget the outdated Humanities vs STEM debates. We are not each other’s enemy. The real enemy are those who believe that people who are not very rich deserve nothing but online courses on how to work in sales, cut hair, or repair cars. 

All I can do is repeat that this is the official position of our state’s Board of Higher Ed: public universities where students meet professors in the classroom to learn literature, physics, math, and history should not exist. Only the very rich deserve this sort of education. 

And mind you, I don’t have any access to any secret information delivered through the back channels. This is all being announced very openly. The only reason why you don’t hear about this anywhere is because nobody cares.

Russian Media and American Porn

The Russian media have been busily promoting the story of a nurse called Sasha, raped and then chopped into pieces with an axe (or maybe chopped into pieces and then raped) by a group of Ukrainian soldiers. The news reports feature photographs of the beautiful, tragically murdered Sasha.

Two days after this story started getting aired and printed, the famous porn star Sasha Grey issued a statement:

“I (love) my Russian fans, but this propaganda takes it too far. News that I was a nurse killed in the Russian/Ukraine conflict. #f***propaganda. People are dying. People are losing family members and BS outlets mock the deceased with fappery like this.”

It turns out that the actress’s photo was used to illustrate the obviously fake story. Sasha might have starred in a nurse costume in one of her films (I’m not a fan, I’m just making a guess) but she is not a nurse and she is very much alive.

Well, at least we know what the Russian propagandists watch right before concocting their bizarre stories and ranting against the degenerate West in the Russian media.

Idiot Reporters

The Ukrainian town of Debaltseve has been occupied by the Russian troops as a result of the unilateral Minsk ceasefire that allowed the Russians to kill Ukrainians with impunity.

A chirpy BBC correspondent is flitting around Debaltseve asking the people in this town – a town occupied by enemy troops – whom they blame for the destruction of their city.

It doesn’t even remotely occur to the idiot reporter that the interviewees will be in mortal danger if they answer the question.