Winter Photos


Finally, the winter looks the way it should, if only for a few days.

And the lights in our backyard leave a really beautiful reflection in the snow:


Yes, they form a sign of the cross. Last month it was the Star of David. This is N’s way of warping the neighbors’ minds.

The Nation Bashes a Feminist Actress

The most hilarious development of the day is a piece by some dude at The Nation, chiding the (actually talented, which is weird for Hollywood) actress Patricia Arquette for promoting equal pay. According to the dude, Arquette was not “intersectional” enough in her pro-equal pay remarks. See for yourselves.

If this is what we now have in lieu of a progressive news outlet, it’s no wonder why the cause of Liberalism is flailing and failing these days.

Weird and Different

An enormous number of people tweeted the “Stay weird, stay different” quote from yesterday’s Oscars. Each one of this uniform crowd that did the exact same thing at the exact same time while watching the exact same show experienced the exact same fuzzy feeling of being appreciated for their weirdness and difference.

Do people even realize how incredibly boring this is?