Professorial Saturdays

I don’t know what you, folks, did today but I’ve been working on my book from 8 am to 3 pm with breaks for breakfast, tweets and posts. The result is 520 words added to the book.

The way my brain works, I need to interrupt the flow every 15 minutes or so by switching to a different language or medium. Otherwise, no writing happens. 

Now I will read (writing a book requires a lot of reading) for an hour, and at 4 pm family time starts. N and I will be doing a barbecue and then taking a long walk around the neighborhood. After that, we will light the fireplace and discuss, for the bizillionth time, how cute our first date was. It’s ridiculous how people in love never tire of narrating these really trivial stories to each other for years and decades.

In other news, I just looked out of the window and saw the ondatra swimming in the clear waters of the Ondatra Creek. It is beyond cool that I can see it from the window of my home office.

The Russian news announced that Putin just met with Nicolás Maduro and showed a photo of. . . Hugo Chávez. If it’s true that Putin met Chávez today, that’s cause to celebrate.

Where Is Putin?

looking for putin The Russians are as funny as ever.

“On Monday, March 16, President Putin had several important meetings,” the newscaster declared yesterday and then proceeded to give details of the meetings.

If you don’t get why that’s funny, look at your calendar.

The Russians often use what they call “canned news.” Putin is supposed to appear on the news every day, doing something massively important. Since it’s not humanly possible to do something massively important every single day, servile journalists film newscasts in advance and hold them until the days when there is nothing new about Putin to show.

Of course, such a strategy often produces mistakes and then everybody gets a chance to laugh at Putin who experiences Monday, March 16 serveral days before everybody else does.


A friend of mine was talking to her cousin who lives in Russia. The cousin soon grew frustrated and exclaimed, “Well, it’s obvious that I understand politics better than you do, so stop arguing already!”

“How come you understand politics better than I do, given that I’m a professor of Political Science and you never even took a single class in this discipline?” my friend asked, genuinely confused.

“But I’m a man!” the cousin exclaimed. “So it’s obvious I understand politics better!”

My friend asked the cousin to explain how exactly his penis was helping him understand politics but the cousin got sulky and refused to continue the conversation.