Women Are Stupid

On The Profit with Marcus Lemonis, there is a woman who works full-time for her boyfriend’s company. Her salary is $0. This means the woman doesn’t get paid. At all.

“She doesn’t need a salary,” the boyfriend bellows. “If she needs money, I’ll just give it to her.”

The woman stands by his side with an embarrassed, idiotic smile.

The guy’s not even a fiancé, just a boyfriend, so it’s not like the idiot has any hope of any future compensation.

Is anybody wondering why this woman is not finding anything hugely helpful in the stupid twaddle about “intersectionality” that contemporary feminism is all about?

Book Notes: God Help the Child by Toni Morrison

Author: Toni Morrison
Title: God Help the Child
Year of Publication: 2015
Language: English
My rating: 6.7 out of 10

Toni Morrison is one of the greatest American writers of all times. She is also a Nobel Prize winner who actually deserved the prize, which is something that becomes increasingly rate. God Help the Child is nowhere near the level of, say, the author’s brilliant Beloved. Still, we should not reject a good novel only because we know that its author is a genius who can produce books that are much more powerful.

In her most recent novel, Morrison brings to the readers several characters who were badly damaged as children. They go through life carrying the destruction inside them and spilling it over everything and everyone they touch.

Bride and Booker, the protagonists, differ from the rest of characters in that they at least manage to allow for the suspicion that the damage done to them as children might somehow be linked to their current dysfunction. This sets them so far apart in terms of their development as human beings from other characters that they turn into heroic, exceptional figures.

It seems a bit of a waste to use the literary genius of Morrison ‘ s caliber to bring home the point that child abuse and neglect have consequences but Morrison was always extremely American in her interests as a writer. She writes about what’s needed at the time when it’s needed.

The novel reads very easily, and could serve as a great introduction to Morrison ‘ s much more complex earlier fiction. If you are looking for ” Morrison for Dummies”, this is it. And I mean it in the best way possible.

Narcissists Go on About Baltimore

The sheer number of overfed pseudo – Liberal dudes publishing detailed mea culpas on how they used to love The Wire but now, after the recent Baltimore riots, no longer do is staggering.

It’s hilarious how they don’t see that this extreme form of narcissism is not cute. The desire to make everything in the world about themselves is not original. It is infantile and often pathological. Only a self-besotted fool will use what happened in Baltimore to blab for hours about his decade – old entertainment choices.

I’m sure that the idiots who write these pieces actually think they are performing a socially valuable activity this way. Stupid losers.

What Do Professors Do All Day?

“What’s the common denominator, then, in what professors do all day? Translation. We translate from a field of knowledge to people who want to know about it. . .We all live in at least two worlds. One of those worlds is a world of ideas, of print and numbers, a world almost limitless and impossible to master, growing every time we turn our backs. The other world is the immediate and human world of classes, committees, office hours, deadlines, budgets, advising. Without being a citizen of both worlds, an active participant in both worlds, we are diminished, our ability to teach diminished. The dichotomy between teaching and research is no dichotomy at all if we understand that a professor journeys back and forth between two worlds, translating among many people.”


The Russian activists who are preparing a report on the Russian troops fighting in Ukraine were shocked to discover that the parents of the Russian boys who were tricked into going to fight in Ukraine and who died there are only prepared to tell the truth about their dead children if they are dissatisfied with the handout they got from the Russian government. The activists keep trying to talk about the dead Russian soldiers but the soldiers’ family members insist on bringing the conversation back to handouts. More often than not, the only reason they agree to talk to the researchers is the hope that the researchers will also be giving handouts. When they discover that this is not the case, their interest in talking about their children disappears.