Puerto Rico

Greece is constantly on the news, yet nobody seems to give a toss about the financial disaster of Puerto Rico. It’s funny how all of the North American believers in endless bailouts for Greece (which somebody else should be paying, obviously) are not lining up to offer a bailout to the much closer Puerto Rico.

Book Notes: Cristina Fernandez Cubas’ Nona’s Room

Author: Cristina Fernandez Cubas
Title: Habitacion de Nona
Year: 2015
Country: Spain
My rating: 7 out of 10

Fernandez Cubas is a Spanish writer who writes short stories with a touch of uncanniness to them. If you are a learner or a teacher of Spanish, I recommend this short story collection.

This writer is great when she writes about adolescence and old age. Her stories tend to exist outside of history and politics but they are very touching none the less. Some stories are very short, others are longer. They can be used all kinds of ways in Spanish language classes.

Is Teaching Creationism Child Abuse?

I really really hate it when people empty words like “rape”, “slavery”, “abuse”, etc. out of all meaning by using them in ridiculous and even offensive contexts. 

Theoretical physicist Lawrence Krauss recently doubled down on his claim that teaching creationism to children was a form of child abuse during an appearance on the “The Weekly,” an Australian satirical TV news show.

No, having to get up in the morning and go to work is not rape or “like rape.” No, sitting on your ass in a comfortable, air-conditioned office checking your Facebook feed is not slavery. And teaching creationism is not child abuse. There is not a single person, I can guarantee you, who is sitting in an analyst’s office today, trying to resolve the problems caused by exposure to creationism. 

Maybe Mr. Physicist should limit himself to physics and abstain from making pronouncements on child psychology, which is obviously a subject that is deeply alien to him.

Duvet Covers and Hotels

And more on the subject of duvet covers.

If a hotel doesn’t offer a duvet cover and expects you to cover yourself with a blanket that’s lying on top of a sheet, remember: this is a lousy hotel and you have been stiffed.

Just think about it: there is no likelihood that duvets are dry cleaned after each visitor, right? This duvet (separated from a person’s body only by a sheet that obviously shifted a lot as the person slept) touched all kinds of body parts and absorbed all kinds of bodily fluids. Is it very respectful on the hotel’s part to ask you to put that on top of yourself?

White Bedding

I always thought it would be super cool to have snow-white bedding. But I never got a set because I had this vague feeling that white bedding was too good for me or I was not good enough for it. It wasn’t a fully verbalized feeling, it was simply there, irreflectively and powerfully.

Yesterday I finally noticed what was going on and bought myself a set. On the negative side, I was so excited about my white bedding that I couldn’t sleep all night. But on the positive side, I conquered back one more bit of reality from received conditioning.

The set misses a blanket case (called “duvet cover” in this country). Bedding sets around here always pretend that people don’t cover themselves with anything for some reason. But I had a blanket case that is white with big pink flowers, so it worked.