This is the south of Iran. The temperature here reached the impossible to imagine 164°F. This is +73°Celsius. This is the most extreme heat humanity has ever experienced.

This is what we should all prepare for.

An Uber Development

Uber is now sending me emails calling me a Londoner and warning me about a tube strike.

Now I will be forced to use Uber in North America to let it know I’m not really a Londoner. So if you see me using Uber – it’s totally not my fault.

P. S. Just one cup of coffee heavily diluted with milk, and I’m posting like crazy. And I’ve done all of my scheduled work for today. I’m getting so, I’m about to do housework. And that’s really creepy.

Sleep Remedy

I always find it quite complicated to fall asleep. When I see people who close their eyes and just fall asleep instead of laying there for at least an hour telling themselves stories, I feel totally weirded out. You are considered to have a sleep disorder if you can’t fall asleep within 7 minutes of going to bed. According to this standard, I have a disorder times ten.

There are, however, things that put even an inveterate insomniac like me to sleep in an instant. One such thing is the expression “Hillary ‘ s emails.” I’m now afraid of listening to the radio on the highway because I know I’ll doze off if somebody mentions the blasted emails.

El idiota

Spain’s best-selling writer Elvira Lindo published an article in the leading newspaper El País that is titled “El idiota” (“The Idiot”) and illustrated with the photo of Donald Trump.

Lindo points out that Hillary Clinton must be ecstatic because Trump is carrying her straight to the presidency. I have to agree that he’s the best thing that ever happened to her. 

On the other hand, what a shame on all of us who happen to live here. What an absolute shame. And please don’t start with “We don’t care what others think of us” because that’s a sign of sociopathy and nothing to be proud of either.

Terms to Avoid

Antidepressant medication, autism epidemic, brainwashing, bystander apathy, chemical imbalance, hypnotic trance, hard-wired, lie detector test, steep learning curve, personality type, mind-body therapies, acting out (in the sense of disruptive behavior) – these are meaningless, silly words and expressions that intelligent people should not use.

And I want to point out that I’ve been begging people not to use several of them for years. Verbal carelessness is a sign of a sloppy, undisciplined mind.

A War on Condoms

The Russian government is considering a ban on importing condoms.

“This measure will help our country solve our demographic problems,” said the high-ranking official who announced the measure. “It’s time for our people to be more careful when choosing their partners. Condoms don’t have anything to do with health, anyway.”